Enjoy Simple Living By Adding Farmhouse Style to Your Home

Enjoy Simple Living By Adding Farmhouse Style to Your Home

I know the farmhouse style isn’t exactly glamorous, but it does have a quiet elegance that is both charming and peaceful. Its simplicity is refreshing and I feel relaxed just browsing pictures of farmhouse interiors!

If you often dream of living in an old farmhouse, but don’t like the idea of moving out to the country, don’t worry. You can add elements of the farmhouse style to your home no matter where you live. While searching for the perfect furniture and decor, let these helpful reminders guide you along the way.

#1 Simple is beautiful

Farmhouse Style for Simple Dining
Photo credit: Pinterest

You don’t have to fill your home with trendy accessories, loud patterns and bold colors to design a stylish interior. By following a “less is more” attitude, your home can be a peaceful retreat.

#2 The “weathered” look is good!

Weathered Dining Table for Farmhouse Look
Photo credit: Desire to inspire

It’s not too often when you’re actually encouraged to go out and buy worn-out wooden furniture, but the farmhouse style relies on weathered tables, cupboards, desks and chairs to make the look complete. Consider a fashionably worn farmhouse table for the dining room or an antique-style coffee table in the living room.

#3 Burlap and linen are essential fabrics

Burlap Home Pillow for Farmhouse Decor
Photo credit: Pinterest

The farmhouse style isn’t smooth like silk. It’s course and textured like burlap. Consider rustic fabrics such as burlap and linen for curtains, accent pillows and other accessories.

#4 White doesn’t have to be boring

Decor with Shade of Yellow for White Kitchen
Photo credit: Pinterest

In farmhouses, white is almost always the dominate color. White walls, white dishes, white cabinetry…the list goes on and on! Use decorative items to incorporate brighter colors such as yellow.

#5 There’s no such thing as “too much wood”

Woody Counters & Cabinets
Photo credit: Flickr

Wooden furniture and counter-tops fit in perfectly with the farmhouse style. If you have hardwood floors, don’t cover them up with carpet! A rug will add warmth and still let your beautiful flooring show.

#6 A farmhouse-style house is not complete without a farmhouse sink

Copper Farmhouse Sink
Photo credit: Pinterest

As the farmhouse style rises in popularity, so do farmhouse sinks. Add one in your kitchen for a distinct look.

You don’t have to actually live in a farmhouse to enjoy its style. The right furniture, colors and decor will transform your interior and help you create the look you want.

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