Find Serenity in Your Bedroom With a Coastal Design

Find Serenity in Your Bedroom With a Coastal Design

Coastal Bedroom Look with Bedding & Lighting

The soothing gentle breeze, the sound of waves crashing softly and the feeling of the sand between your toes. Is there anything better than being at the beach for a day? Even if you live nowhere near the water, you can still enjoy that serene feeling the beach provides by designing a coastal bedroom. Here’s what to do.

Let the light in

A beach setting is light and breezy, so your room should be too. Let as much natural light into your room as possible by using thin curtains that allow the sun to shine through. If your bedroom does not allow for much natural light, use a variety of light sources including lamps, wall fixtures and ceiling lights to illuminate your space instead.

Decorate with white

The color white is refreshing, just like a day at the beach. Use white as the focus color in your bedroom and add touches of color using accessories such as flowers, wall art or pillows. Every time you walk into your beautiful white room, a calm will wash over you and you’ll be able to relax.

Use natural materials

Bring elements of the outdoors into your home by furnishing the bedroom with natural materials. A wicker chair or a jute rug covering your floor is a great way to add a coastal feeling to your room. If you don’t have room for larger furniture or accessories, use smaller items like a wicker basket to create that same feeling.

Keep things simple

Overall, the coastal design style is all about keeping your room simple and casual. This is not a design style that encourages shimmer and shine. It’s meant to evoke peacefulness and serenity. Limit the amount of accessories you use in the bedroom and look for furniture and decor items with simple designs. With a coastal design, you can turn to your bedroom when you need to a few moments to relax and rejuvenate.

Wendy Weinert

Wendy Weinert is an HGTV addict and avid DIYer. When not working on a craft project, as an interior design blogger and enthusiast, she is passionately helping people beautify their environment by providing insightful advice and inspiration.