Give your Interior a Scandinavian Update

Give your Interior a Scandinavian Update

If you prefer subtle elegance to dramatic glamour, neutral tones to colorful displays and natural materials to synthetic alternatives, then you, my friend, would love Scandinavian interiors. Simple, functional, stylish and welcoming, Scandinavian design is perfect for those who like modern minimalism, but still want their home to feel cozy and comfortable. Here are some easy ways to give your home a Scandinavian update.

Choose neutral tones for your home’s walls and larger furniture.

Use Neutral Colors for Wall & Furniture

Then add brighter hues with a few accent accessories such as lamps, throw blankets or wall art.

Invest in high-quality furniture that features amazing craftsmanship.

The better the quality, the longer your furniture will last and stay looking great.

Bring in nature by selecting furniture made from materials like wood and bamboo.

For decor, consider materials such as burlap and natural fibers like sisal and jute. Plants, stone water fountains and artwork that features a natural landscape are also a good way to incorporate nature into your interior design.

Be environmentally conscious when buying new furniture and decor.

Renewable Mango Wood Furniture for Scandanavian Look

The Scandinavians not only have a love for nature, but they also respect it and do their best to protect outdoor elements. Search for renewable resources, such as mango wood, over other options to design a stylish place while reducing your environmental impact.

Put functionality first.

Functional Furniture for Scandinavian Decor

Scandinavian homes are never cluttered with too many decorative items because they follow more practical decorating schemes. That’s not to say you can’t add stylish touches, but keep the decorative items to a minimum, using mostly wall and ceiling space to add accessories.

You might not live in Norway or Sweden, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their style. Use these tips to update your home with elements of Scandinavian design, no matter where you live.

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Author Wendy Weinert

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