High Point Market Trends

3 High Point Market Trends to Keep an Eye On

They don't call it the Furniture Capital of the World for nothing. High Point, North Carolina—a city just minutes from Greensboro is home to the world's largest furniture store as well as the world's largest furnishing industry trade show. The trade show, appropriately named The High Point Market is a twice-a-year exhibit that draws in more than 75,000 industry professionals and 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world. What do they come for? They come to explore 12 million square feet of show space featuring up-and-coming furniture trends and new product launches from best-in-class vendors.

Retailers, interior designers and other industry professionals walk away with insider's knowledge about the trends that will soon hit the market. Spoiler alert: swivel chairs are hot and merlot is popping up everywhere. Here are a few of the other trends we think you should have your eye on in 2020.


Forget everything you thought you knew about texture in the furniture world. This trend is back and better than ever with texturized patterns and surfaces that are not only evident to the touch, but are visibly noticeable too. You'll see touches of tribal, a mixture of materials and blend of textures, layered designs, and even wicker furniture finding its way indoors.

Why It's Hot Right Now

Look for the texture trend to come to life with some of our distinguished brands and vendors like Universal Furniture, A.R.T. Furniture and Global Views.

According to a statement from Universal Furniture, texture can provide visual interest and dimension to a room rather than having to rely on color. "Using texture is an easy way to inject personality into a room, and it's a great alternative to the use of color, which can be scary for some. Textural furnishings can turn a bland room into an inviting living space with depth and comfort."

What the Experts Say

"Today's textures are adventurous, borrowing elements of fashion and architecture. You might find an upholstered chair that envelopes you like a warm sweater or a console with three-dimensional stone details." - Universal Furniture

"Texture is the most sensory element in a living room." - A.R.T. Furniture

"Organic in shape and finish, the Global Views and Studio A items feature grid-like textures in different forms adding dimensionality to any space." - Global Views


Don't mistake this trend for a decorative theme that's reserved for women only. Furniture with feminine touches offer understated elegance with soft textures, pretty patterns and calming colors. A shimmering hint of gold hardware brings a luxe look alongside colors like blush and dusty pink.

Why It's Hot Right Now

Although one may immediately think pink when considering a feminine palette, that isn't necessarily the case with this trend. The palette also includes soft, neutral and muted tones that can bring a calming and peaceful effect to any room. Soft grays, blushes, creams and taupes take center stage here while the Midas touch of gold takes things up a notch.

What the Experts Say

"The feminine touch is gentle and understated. This trend shows affection for soothing colors and subtle details like delicate patterns, soft textures and the faint shimmer of gold hardware. Its hallmark—the color blush—is a universally flattering shade of pink for both men and women. It looks great against your skin, making it an ideal color for upholstery." -Universal Furniture

"As A.R.T. Furniture continues to follow, and even set the trend, we are finding a touch of gold to any blush or grey surface is still a hot spot in the industry. Diving into these indulgences and providing the people what they want, is why we do what we do." -A.R.T. Furniture


In the words of celebrity designer Bobby Berk, “the room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words.” He was referring to the latest trend in furniture design—one that is visually evident throughout his new furniture line with A.R.T. Furniture. Mod squad, a mid-century modern-like furniture trend that emphasizes tailored, masculine characteristics, commands attention from the moment you walk into the room.

You'll know it when you see it and when you see it, you'll immediately appreciate the sleek, stark lines and masculine silhouettes. Subtlety has no place here even though Mod Squad trades in vivid colors for starker shades like black and gold.

Why It's Hot Right Now

Universal Furniture sums it up perfectly: "There’s nothing subtle about this trend, combining stark color, sleek lines and masculine silhouettes. What may seem like an absence of color is really a focus on shape as inky blacks disappear, allowing the form itself to shine. There’s nothing in excess. Every line, every curve has a purpose."

What the Experts Say

"What I love about this collection, is that each piece easily mixes with another, while still being strong enough to stand on its own. These truly are pieces I would use in my own home,” -Bobby Berk

"More than any other current trend, Mod Squad is a statement, where interiors tell your story as much as your personality. Lovers of this style exude confidence in, and through, their interiors, selecting furnishings and decor with an underlying expression of cool. Not for the faint of heart." -Universal Furniture

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