Ideas For Decorating With a Black and Gold Decor

Ideas for Decorating With a Black & Gold Decor

Black & Gold Decor Ideas for Interior Design

The ultra-sophisticated color duo of black and gold has been popular since ancient times. Losing no steam in the modern era, black and gold is easily one of the top color trends of 2018. This fascinating pairing of hues is often used in luxury hotels and in high-end interiors, to the point where it has become virtually synonymous with class.

Who really wonders why? Black is a saturated shade that embodies a rich mystique, which seamlessly and effortlessly adds a sense of quiet sophistication. Touches of gold, on the other hand, impart a refined sense of glamour to any interior. No matter your desired mix of this dynamic duo, we’ve brought you tips for highlighting your interiors with black and gold – a color combination that is guaranteed to add a high-end chic feel to your home decor.

Black & Gold for the Foyer

Black & Gold Console for Foyer Decor

An ornate black and gold console table will add high-end appeal when placed near a doorway.

This fabulous black and gold deco console table below is reminiscent of Old Hollywood. The Dimond Home Deco Black and Gold Plate Console Table features a geometric, metal gold leaf base and an ebony black glass top.

If you’re looking for a smaller splash of black and gold, a modern, clean-lined black marble table lamp with black shade will light up an entryway and can be contrasted with a stone or wooden console table.

Expertly fashioned in ceramic in a rich black marble and antique brass finish, the Robert Abbey Black Marble One-Light Table Lamp features a modern square base, black shade, and white marble veining detail.

Mirror, Mirror

One extremely popular application of this color scheme – try hanging an ornate gold frame mirror in your foyer for a touch of glam.

Modern and elegant, the Ren-Wil Osmond Gold and Black Rectangular Mirror will reflect your good taste with the pun very much intended. This basswood, reversible mirror features gilded gold leaf corners for an understated, yet deeply impactful profile.

Pro Tip: Complete your room’s color palette by pairing black and gold with jewel tones – ruby red, emerald green or pure white.

Decorating with Gold

Amour Matte Black and Gold Removable Wallpaper

Metallic gold is a timeless look that has appeared throughout the ages – in nearly every era and style. Versatile in use, metallic gold is just as lovely in a Victorian picture frame as it is gracing a mid-century modern console. The same can be said for removable wallpaper!

Black & Gold Burst Wall Decor

Here are a few tips for incorporating this warm, metallic hue into your interior space.

  • Create a “wow” statement with an accent wall. Add bold, gold-patterned wallpaper to one wall in an entryway.
  • A guest bath is one room that can pull off a boldly-patterned wall, as well. Black-and-gold patterned wallpaper will add high-contrast character to your washroom.
  • An Art Deco bar stool will add gilt and glamour to a dining room or den.
  • Add sparkle to a dull corner with a metallic gold table lamp – perfect for a home office or study.
  • Use gold as an accent, like you do jewelry – consider a gold metal hook in the bath to hold your robe.

Metallic gold is currently ‘in’. (Think gold-accented furniture, gold-patterned wallpaper, fabrics, throws, gilded decorative accessories, and golf-leafed lighting!) Or table lamps, chandeliers, and wall sconces. The possibilities are quite endless.

Pro Tip: While it makes an extremely big statement, whether you plan to go bold with gold or use it as a metallic accent, it’s easy to overdo this hue. Just as we accent our wardrobe with gold jewelry, gold is the ‘now’ accent – from living rooms to bathrooms – but it should be used sparingly with emphasis on the word accent.

Black & Gold in Living Spaces

Like the little black dress, the color ebony is a classic hue, imparting a sense of mystery and formality. Black is bold – it has the ability to redirect our focus to a statement furnishing or accessory.

If pure black is too bold for your taste, try soft furnishings with a charcoal or dark grey hue instead. Save pure black for picture frames, mirrors, and small accents.

Draper Gold and Matte Black Island Pendant

While lamps with white or neutral shades are the boring norm, a 10 light chandelier with frosted glass and a gold/matte black finish is a great way to add contrast and interest to a room that is decorated in neutrals.

Black & Gold Palm Branch Panel Wall Decor

The mystery of black and gold décor has endured for centuries. Create unique of-the-moment interior style with distinctive black and gold furnishings and decorative accessories from Bellacor.

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