Make Your Home Stylish with the Color Black

Make Your Home Stylish With The Color Black!

When used effectively, black can be a powerful and striking color in interior design. While it’s a popular color choice in fashion – hence the “little black dress” – people tend to shy away from bringing black into their homes, afraid it will create an intimidating or somber look.

Yes, black can be intimidating or grim, but it doesn’t have to be! If you do it right, decorating with black will give your home a bold and captivating look. Bring a little bit of black into your own home with these ideas:

Bring drama

Want to make a statement? Try painting your walls a solid black color. Then, to keep the walls from looking too stark or aggressive, add bold colors to accent the walls and make the room pop. This will give your room a dramatic look, without being scary.

Black Abstract Wall Art
Photo Credit: Abigail Ahern

You can add eye-catching color in a variety of ways. Hang up abstract art and let the black wall serve as a nice backdrop. Look for colorful furniture, pillows and linens. Whatever you do, just make sure not everything in your room is black.

Decorate with black and white stripes

Clean lines and contrasting colors make black and white stripes visually striking and are more playful than just solid black.

Whether you prefer horizontal or vertical stripes, or like stripes to be wide rather than thin, you can be sure that they will instantly add impact to a room.

If you want to be extra daring, install black and white striped wallpaper! Just be sure that the remaining décor is subtle so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room and give your guests a headache.

Decor with Black and White Striped Wallpaper
Photo Credit: SF Girlbybay

Use black as an accent color

If you’re still afraid of too much black in your home, use it as an accent color. Instead of painting the walls a solid black color, find a neutral color to cover your walls and paint the trims and door black for a sharp, put-together look. Certain furniture pieces can also be black, like chairs, tables or even the staircase! A black accent is less intense, but still has that “wow” factor you want.

Black Accent Coffee Table with Black & White Chairs

Stuck with a dull interior design? Create a dramatic look with help from the color black.

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