Share Your Personality With A Clock

Share your Personality with a Clock!

Decorating your home is an excellent way to display your personality and add “you” into your interior design. While every color, piece of furniture and accessory you choose reflects your style to some degree, there are certain items that can capture the essence of you better than others. One of those items is a crucial piece of décor that often gets overlooked — your clock.

A clock can do more than just tell time and take up space. It can be functional and still show a part of your personality! Here are different character traits you might have, and clocks that match:

Bold and adventurous

Midas Gold Petal Wall Clock

Do you consider yourself an adventurous spirit? Than be daring and find a clock that is bold like yourself. You can choose a clock that features a bright, loud color like red or orange. Another cool idea is to hang up a clock that has no numbers at all! There are many clocks that only have hands and structural shapes like lines and circles to represent numbers. They may be harder to read, but they will certainly liven up your living space!

Unique and one-of-a-kind

Melting Shelf Sitter Clock By Control Brands

If you pride yourself on being one-of-a-kind, find a clock that looks like no other! The Melting Shelf Sitter Clock from Control Brands is a perfect example of an unusual clock. The unique “melting” design and beautiful bronze finish will attract the attention of guests and keep them staring.

No-nonsense and straightforward

Wooden Wall Clock with Black Frame and Roman Numeral

Just because you like your décor to be simple, doesn’t mean that it can’t also be stylish! A simplistic style looks great in modern homes and a no-nonsense clock will present a sharp look. Try to find clocks that feature a minimalistic design and only one to two colors.

Silly and fun

Novelty Bath Theme Clock

You’re never too old for a little silliness! If you make fun a priority in your life, add it into your interior design as well. A novelty clock is a great way to show off some of your personality or interests. You can also look for a colorful timepiece that is in the shape of an animal or any object you prefer.

Take some time and think about which traits you want to display in your home. Whatever your personality, there is a clock to match. Make sure you check out all the different styles of decorative clocks that Bellacor offers!

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