The Coolest New Trends in Home Office Design

The Coolest New Trends in Home Office Design

In today’s digital age, working from home is becoming more and more common. And why shouldn’t it be? The option to work from home gives employees more flexibility, and it also allows them to choose their work environment. No longer do these people have to stay confined to the same dull cubicle for 40 hours a week. If you’re one of the lucky working people who get to do their work from home, take advantage of this opportunity to design a home office that you love. These cool, new home-office trends are a refreshing change from the drab cubicles you’ve had in the past.

1. Bringing the office outside

Currey Work Space for Outdoor Home Office
Image Courtesy of Currey & Co.

One of the few disadvantages of having a home office is that it makes separating work life from home life more difficult. By turning a shed, porch, or garage into a workspace, however, you can eliminate this problem. Plus, working closer to the outdoors will keep you feeling energized and driven during the day.

2. Contemporary accents

Your job may be boring, but that doesn’t mean the office has to be. Contemporary accents, such as pops of bright colors and geometric shapes, can bring excitement to an area that many people assume to be dull.

3. Office nook

Create a Corner in a Bedroom for Office Nook

Not everyone has the space for a home office. If your house is fairly small, create an office nook instead. A corner in the bedroom, a closet, or even space underneath the staircase can all be turned into a productive work environment with the right furniture and accessories. You can even easily integrate it into a living region – as long as you make it tidy!

4. Textured wallpaper

Decor Office with Crystorama Textured Wallpaper

You might have heard that wallpaper is making a comeback. Bring the trend into your home office to add visual interest without crowding the space. Textured wallpaper, like brick or natural scenery, can add depth to your space. However, don’t just think about using wallpaper just in the traditional sense. You can use it as a pop wall, as an accent strip, or even within a picture frame. Not sure you will like it? Try using a temporary wallpaper.

5. Rich decor

Rich Wood-Tone Office Décor

If your style is more traditional than contemporary, design a home office with rich wood tones, luxurious fabrics, and intricate patterns. This sophisticated look will impress any client or co-worker, should you choose to hold meetings in your home.

No matter what your style is or how large or small the space is that you have to work with, there is an office solution for you.

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