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Find Out How Mirrors Help Uplifting Your Decor Style

Author: Stephanie Goldfarb from The Divine Living Space

When I am designing a new room, I always gravitate toward incorporating a mirror into the mix. Mirrors are a must-have decor item because they can do so much good in a room. Mirrors can reflect a beautiful view, open up a small space to make a room feel larger, create a focal point, add visual and architectural interest, or create drama in an entryway. Mirrors can also simplify a space. Perhaps you have a bold wallpaper or wall color. Hanging art might compete with your walls, but a mirror will add dimensional interest without detracting from the wall elements you want to highlight.

But the best thing about mirrors, by far? They never go out of style!


We are seeing a lot of round mirrors being hung in homes these days. Round mirrors are aesthetically pleasing because they break up the box-y and linear lines of a room and furniture. Round mirrors bring softness to all sorts of spaces. Places to use a round mirror? Offices, entryways, bathrooms, or paired above a credenza in a living space.

Trend Spotter: Black and brass are hot finishes for round mirrors, especially in bathroom mirrors where the trend is leaning toward round mirrors over double vanities. Go round, and take it even further by adding a pop of color in the frame!


A good mirror can be your best friend in a small entryway, bathroom, or a mudroom. It will add more light to a small space and give the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Of course, hanging a mirror in the entryway is practical, too. It’s an extra opportunity to check your appearance before running out the door. We suggest picking something bolder, or more whimsical and playful for your entryway. It’s the first space visitors occupy, so let it make a good impression!

Trend Spotter: Bigger is better! We are seeing lots of oversized mirrors being hung in entryway spaces. Look for unique mirrors with different shapes and colors that create an element of surprise and can become a conversation piece.


Do you have a small wall you need to add dimension to, or are you looking for something other than artwork to fill a space? Try a grouping of mirrors or weave them into a gallery wall with artwork, family pictures, and wall shelves. A group of smaller mirrors (stick to odd numbers) is perfect to use behind sofas or on smaller walls spaces you’re not sure how to decorate. Intersperse some small floating shelves and add greenery for a lush, natural feel.

Trend Spotter: We are seeing groupings of geometric shapes or mirrors that add dimension and interest. Think dramatic black walls with interesting shapes of groups of mirrors. This is a great trick for basements where you want to create the illusion of more light in what is oftentimes a dark space.

Entryway Stylish Oversized Mirrors
Large Leaning Mirrors for Bedroom


Large leaning mirrors are my favorite kind of mirror! I appreciate how much drama they can add to a space. Leaning mirrors are often the ideal addition to a bedroom where it can reflect the serenity of the space and function as a way to give your appearance some love before you leave your home for the day. If you want to add an extra element of architectural interest, choose a large leaning mirror with window pane sections, or rounded tops.

Trend Spotter: Want a jaw-dropping focal point for your living space? Lean two large leaning mirrors on either side of a fireplace surround for a dramatic, symmetrical look.


Mirrors that have dimension, or natural elements make a great addition to your decor in just about any room of the home. Try mixing and matching natural wood mirrors with painted cabinetry to create a warm and modern space. You can find a textured mirror in just about any design style: nautical, rustic chic, vintage-inspired, and traditional.

Trend Spotter: Texture is one of the hottest things to add to a space right now because it adds an extra pop of dimension to a room.

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Stephanie Goldfarb is a Twin Cities designer and owner of The Divine Living Space, lives in the south metro area and travels throughout the city with her impeccable eye for color, textures, and patterns. In addition to serving clients throughout the Twin Cities Metro, she works with custom home builders building and designing home interiors. She loves the challenge of helping people turn their houses into homes that are full of love and unique personality.

When she’s not designing spaces for clients, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband and four amazing kids. Painting, browsing through quaint antique shops, and the occasional DIY projects round out her past times.