Why Pineapples Are Popular in Interior Design

Why Pineapples Are Popular in Interior Design

Have you ever asked yourself why pineapples are so popular in interior design? Sure it’s a delightful and fun design trend, but what makes this fruit so special?

Pineapples have been showing up in American interior design for years now and it’s not just because they add a cute design element to one’s home. The reason for this fruit being a popular decorating choice has a lot to do with history and goes way back to the time of Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus Discovered Pineapples

Pineapples originated in South America, but once they were “discovered” by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the fruit made its way to Europe and became an instant hit. By the 17th century, this sweet fruit made its way to America – and design enthusiasts are grateful that it did! What started out as a delicious piece of fruit eventually became a stylish symbol for hospitality in people’s homes.

In early America, colonists had to import pineapples from the Caribbean and this made the fruit a rare commodity. Those who were lucky – or wealthy enough – to get a pineapple would show it off and use it to adorn their dining table. Since this fruit was so hard to come by, people who were visiting saw a pineapple centerpiece as a compliment and a welcoming gesture. The popular fruit then became symbolic and was more than just a tasty treat. It became a sign of neighborliness and was used to show friendliness toward guests.

It didn’t take long before pineapples moved from the dining table and started showing up in one’s interior design. People would welcome guests into their home with pineapples featured in light fixtures, doors, shutters, bedposts and even wallpaper!

Tropical Design Ceiling Fans for Decor
Antique Gold Pineapple Table Lamp

If you love the look of pineapple designs and want to incorporate some historic symbolism into your home’s interior design, show off your hospitality with a stylish pineapple lamp or throw pillow in the living room. Guests will be intrigued by your new décor and be impressed with your welcoming taste.

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