Bathroom Vanities Buying Guide

Buying a new bathroom vanity can easily dress up your space without a major renovation. Before you start, the first step is to measure! You’ll want to measure the width and depth of the space available, and even consider the swing of the door and opening of drawers before purchasing. Remember, it never hurts to tape out the “footprint” of your vanity on the floor and wall to get a sense for the space it will occupy.

What to Consider
Bath Vanity Sinks, Tops, Height & Depth

Before you select a bathroom vanity there are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • Available Space – if you have enough space, consider a double vanity with two sinks. Large single vanities offer plenty of storage and counter space.

  • Height – what is the most comfortable height for your household?

  • Width and depth – together these measurements will reveal the footprint of your bathroom vanity relative to the size of the bathroom.

  • Vanity tops – are you seeking a replacement vanity top or an all new bathroom vanity?

  • Sinks – do you already have a sink or are you seeking bathroom vanities that include the sink?

  • Styles – with traditional, transitional, modern, and contemporary styles to name a few, style is always a major consideration.

Number of Sinks

Choosing between a single or double vanity greatly depends on the space and use of the bathroom. A single vanity only has one sink, while a double naturall has two. The single would work well for a guest bathroom or powder room, while a double is ideal in a master suite.

Pro Tip: Two sinks are not necessarily better than one! As we show in our “Insider’s Guide to Bathroom Vanity Shopping,” different bathroom vanity widths create an inverse relationship between room and counterspace. For instance, a double sink bathroom vanity with a width of 72 inches is 200% larger than a single 24 inch wide bathroom vanity. This will naturally create more counterspace and storage space, yet at the expense of floor space. Also, consider that two sinks means two drains and potentially two times the potential plumbing snafus. So, it’s important to think about the number of people in your family, the overall floor space, and your actual bathroom needs when choosing the best bathroom vanity for your specific requirements.

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Bathroom Vanity Widths

Bathroom Vanity Components

For more thoughts on vanity size, be sure to read “What Size Bathroom Vanity Do I Need?” on our blog. But wait, your journey doesn’t end at size! You have many more decisions to make about your vanity bases, tops, finishes, materials, and design.

Vanity Base

Vanity Tops

Bathroom Vanity Bases
You have many options when shopping for bathroom vanity bases. At the intersection of design, style and storage, you’ll find an option for every bathroom layout and aesthetic.
Bathroom Vanity Tops
Bathroom vanity tops come in wide array of materials to match your unique style. Below you’ll find more details on popular bathroom vanity tops that are trending now.

Bathroom Vanity Bases: What's Your Style?

To make your bathroom an extension of your home décor, we have vanity bases in many colors and styles. Feeling chipper? Choose a lighter finish for a small bathroom, so the room feels brighter and more spacious. On the other hand, a sleek white or grey base can be minimalist and trendy, while a dark wood stain looks classic and timeless. While shopping, be sure to check the product description for the included top or fixtures. Remember, the vanity tops, hardware, and accessories all combine to create the overall look, whether you’re seeking to create contrast or deliver a more coordinated look.




White Bathroom Vanities & Bases
As our most stocked finish, white’s popularity drives our large supply. With classical leanings, country charm and a clean, crisp silhouette, you would be hard pressed to find a bathroom where a white vanity wouldn’t fit right in. Choose from Madison and Brooks white, French white, pure white and countless other shades.
As our most stocked finish, white’s popularity drives our large supply. With classical leanings, country charm and a clean, crisp silhouette, you would be hard pressed to find a bathroom where a white vanity wouldn’t fit right in. Choose from Madison and Brooks white, French white, pure white and countless other shades.




Bathroom Vanity Base Designs
Free Standing Bathroom Vanity Base Design

Free Standing Vanities

Free standing bathroom vanities are popular for their simple installation and mobility. While it will still need to be connected to the sink and fixtures, it stands as its own piece of furniture. Many homeowners and designers also like to choose styles similar to a dresser to add interest and storage.

Free Standing Vanity Pros

  • Compatible with many sink designs
  • Adequate storage
  • Simpler installation

Free Standing Vanity Cons
  • Larger footprint
  • Dust bunnies (if footed)

Wall Mount Vanities

Wall mounted vanities add a modern, minimal look to your style, but also work well very well in small spaces. When the floor is visible underneath, the room appears larger and you’ll have more room to stand in the bathroom. Before ordering, make sure your wall can hold the weight of the vanity and sink.

Wall Mount Vanity Pros

  • More control of vanity height
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Sharp Design

Wall Mount Vanity Cons

  • More involved/difficult installation
  • Often less storage space

Wall Mount Bathroom Vanities
Corner Bathroom Vanities

Corner Vanities

We love corner sinks designs for tiny bathrooms. These provide just enough storage for the basics while fitting in a small space. As with any small space, take plenty of measurements before ordering.

Corner Vanity Pros

  • Smallest footprint
  • Uncommon design

Corner Vanity Cons   

  • Limited counter space
  • Limited storage space

Vanity Tops: What's Your Style?

Looking for that relaxing, spa feel in your bathroom? Try a clean white quartz or marble vanity top. These finishes are popular for a reason, since they coordinate with almost any shower curtain or towel color combination. White quartz is more durable for a bathroom that gets daily use, and keeps the room looking fresh and clean. With marble, keep in mind that it stains and usually requires additional maintenance.




White Bath Vanity Counter Top
Popular white vanity counter top materials include premium granite, quartz, and solid white. Find single and double bowl options as well as backsplash and side splash options for your best setup. With quartz marking a contemporary favorite, this is a very popular material for making an update.
Tan Bath Vanity Counter Top
In this more traditional group of bathroom vanity tops, popular options in tan include granite, Kashmir white and golden sand.
Gray Bath Vanity Counter Top
With the rise in popularity of concrete surfaces, grey counter tops work with many spaces. In the bathroom, rather than concrete it’s common to see gray granite, quartz and cultured marble.
Pro Tip: Consider buying a base that includes the sink to eliminate one of the many choices you need to make in a bathroom makeover. You’ll be sure that the top fits the base perfectly, and you can also focus on choosing the right piece to match your flooring, fixtures and hardware.

Bathroom Vanity Sink Designs

Undermount Sinks

An undermount sits below the counter without its own edge. This sleek option allows for easy cleaning of water and messes, as bacteria tends to build up along the edge of a sink.

Undermount Sink Pros

  • Clean and streamlined design
  • Generally easier to clean (no lip)
  • Potentially more sink volume

Undermount Sink Cons

  • Sink size depends on vanity design

Undermount Sink Design Pros & Cons
Vessel Sink Design Pros & Cons

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are a decorative style that sits on top of a vanity, rather than being set inside. This creates a unique and artistic look for your bathroom.

Vessel Sink Pros

  • Added counterspace
  • Versatile vanity combinations
  • Unique design

Vessel Sink Cons
  • Potentially more difficult to clean
  • More limited sink volume

Drop-in Sinks

The edge of a drop in sink rests on the countertop and can be styled with a contrasting ceramic color. They install quickly since they simply need to drop in and seal the edge.

Undermount Sink Pros

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Easy to scale in larger buildings (apartments, etc.)

Undermount Sink Pros

  • Bacteria along the seal is common
  • Seal decay can occur over time

Drop-in Sink Design Pros & Cons
Integrated Sink Design Pros & Cons

Integrated Sinks

Also called a counter sink, this style flows seamlessly from counter to sink. These are the easiest to clean (just a quick wipe down) and the easiest to install!

Integrated Sink Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Minimalist design

Integrated Sink Cons

  • Potentially higher price tag

With so many options to consider, you’re ready to measure and choose the perfect vanity for your bathroom! We’re sure you’ll find something that handles your storage and style needs, while giving you a relaxing and clean environment. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful space that suits your home décor and lifestyle.

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