How To Buy The Right Entertainment Center For Your Space

How to Buy the Right Entertainment Center for Your Space

Pretty soon it will be your turn to host a movie night. Do you have everything you need to make the night perfect?

You’ve picked out promising movies, purchased your favorite brand of popcorn, and prepared your spare blankets and pillows. But what about that dinky TV stand you’ve been meaning to replace?

Picking out the right entertainment center can feel like a daunting task, but you can make it less of a challenge if you narrow down your choices. Follow these three steps when picking out an entertainment center and find the perfect match for your space:

1. Measure your space and TV: Never just guesstimate how much room you have. You always want to be sure that the entertainment center will fit, otherwise, you might just have to take it right back to the store. Normally, the more space you have, the bigger the TV stand you can buy. You’ll also want to consider how large your TV is though. A really tiny TV might look even smaller if you have a big entertainment center. If you have a lot of room and a decent-sized TV, you’ll have more options, such as three-piece centers.

First, you will want to measure the TV. Typically, the TV stand will say what size TV they will hold but if you have the exact measurements, you will be 100% sure it will work for you. When you measure the TV, make sure you take the height, width, and depth of your TV. Do remember that the number on your TV box only measures the screen size diagonally and doesn’t include the frame.

After you have completed accurately measuring your TV, you will then want to measure your space. This room measurement is essential to which TV stand will ultimately work. You do this by measuring the floor space you have available for a TV stand. If your TV is too large for a TV stand that will fit your space, you may want to consider mounting it on a wall rather than for a space savings. Make sure you sit on the couch/sofa/chair to determine the line of sight (the middle of the TV should meet the line of sight of a person when seated).

2. Determine your storage needs: Do you need an entertainment center to store your many DVDs and Blu-rays? Then you’ll need plenty of shelf space and possibly spare room so you can add to your collection. Other items you might want to store include video game consoles, DVD players, stereo equipment, books, and décor items. Knowing exactly what you’ll want to display or store will also help you decide if you want hidden shelves or not.

3. Consider style, color, and material: Once you know how big you want the entertainment center to be and how much storage space you need, you can then take some time to think about the style. The TV area often becomes the focal point of a room, so you want to make sure the entertainment center stands out and impresses. Match the style of the center to the room’s, whether it is modern, eclectic, contemporary, or rustic.

Follow these three steps and you’ll be able to pick out the perfect entertainment center for your space.

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