A Tour of Bathroom Lighting for Your Dream Spa

A Tour of Bathroom Lighting for Your Dream Spa

Tips to Add Stylish Lighting Fixtures to Turn Bathroom into a Spa

Well chosen bathroom lighting can create a soothing, relaxing ambiance in your dream bath. Not to mention, well-planned bath lighting will not only enhance the mood of your space, it will increase versatility and of course, highlight significant features which may otherwise go unnoticed. To achieve the perfect light balance in your bath, look no further than the lessons found in light layering. Layering light within a bath generally involves three types of light – ambient, task and accent lighting – to give you the ideal lighting mix for every aspect of optimal living.

Add Accent Lighting for Stylish Bathroom Look


Let the Ambient Lighting Fixtures Do the Talking


Accent lighting, such as a pendant lighting, is used to emphasize wall décor or a room’s architectural features.

Ambient light, such as uplighting or downlighting, creates the light between spaces and other light sources and is essential to a bath’s overall illumination.

Task lighting, such as vanity lighting, brightens work areas within a room and assists in performing daily personal tasks.

Envision a calming space for a warm bath with low, dimmable lighting, or a brightly lit space for morning work-a-day routines with the beautiful and versatile lighting options right at your fingertips. You’ll quickly fine the possibilities are virtually endless!

Industrial bath lighting styles for your at-home spa

Industrial style is reminiscent of rugged, long-ago factory life. With its no-nonsense, utilitarian look, basic forms and reclaimed pieces, industrial style emits a rough-edged architectural flair perfect for a modern master bath.

To give you a sense for the style, Kichler’s Caparros Brushed Nickel Three-Light Bath Vanity Fixture will add bright illumination for those before-work tasks. The handsome brushed nickel finish and clear ribbed glass shades will add factory flair to your dream bath. Or take a gander at Kichler’s Brinley Brushed Nickel One-Light Wall Sconce, which brings accent lighting and workaday styling to a whole new level. This beautifully designed sconce in a rich brushed nickel finish and clear glass shade is reminiscent of vintage canning jars. Additional industrial bath lighting choices include the Kichler Braelyn Chrome Two-Light Bath Sconce and Golden Lighting Duncan Chrome Three-Light Vanity Fixture with Blue Shade, just to name a few.

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Industrial bath lighting is made up of factory-inspired detailing; either vintage or modern, including:

  • Finishes – Utilitarian surfaces including rustic metal, iron, weathered or polished chrome, or reflective enamel that invokes a factory-like look and feel.
  • Motifs – Wire cages, angular shapes, vintage Edison light bulbs, nuts-and-bolts, gears, springs, plus an earthy handmade integrity showcases industrial style.
  • Designs – Designs are often bare-bones, comfortable, and unpretentious to create a signature industrial style.

Hint: Seemingly repurposed or salvaged lighting fits into your master bath. If the item looks a little shopworn, so much the better!

Modern Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Modern style has made resurgence thanks to the popular TV show, Mad Men. In addition, modern styling is symbolic of America’s mid-1940s postwar era. This simple, pared-down style marries natural elements with the man-made. For example, an oval-shaped pendant light crafted in smooth steel and blonde basswood fits the bill.

Add Ceiling Lights to Brighten Up Modern Bathrooms

Beautifully modern, the Arnsberg H2O Chrome 20-Inch LED Bath Bar is perfect for above-the-counter task lighting. The modern oval ribbon design, in a reflective chrome finish, will add ‘now’ style to your at-home spa. Add glamour to your guest bath with the Quoizel Platinum Collection Divine Polished Chrome Four-Light LED Vanity Bar. This elegant vanity bar features refractive crystal glass and polished chrome finish backplate. For more ideas for modernizing your bathroom lighting, also give “7 Ways to Go Modern in Your Bathroom” a read!

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Traditional Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Taking inspiration from the past, traditional bath lighting embodies a classic and comfortable style. Warm and welcoming, traditional lighting feels familiar, orderly and predictable, but in a refined, good way. A traditional flower and vine motif highlights the Mill & Mason Lattice Silver Leaf Patina One-Light Wall Sconce. Perfect for accent lighting, this nature-inspired sconce boasts a beautiful gold patina with silver leaf highlights plus curved detailing.

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Traditional Bath Lighting – Details and Flourishes:

  • Finishes – Comfortable and familiar finishes include a silver and gold patina, antique brass or matte black finish.
  • Motifs – Faux alabaster or Venetian glass shades are common. Nature-inspired motifs such as leaves and vines are a part of reliable, traditional styling.
  • Designs – Curved forms that feel informal and comfortable make up a signature traditional style. Organic, gently flared or frill-edged glass shades are often found emitting a nod-to-nature feel.

The Vaxcel Lily Walnut Patina Two-Light Vanity Fixture will add elegance to your spa retreat. Perfect as an accent uplight, it features two, lily-shaped champagne glass shades, a rich, walnut patina finish and a decorative, oval backplate.

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

Contemporary bath lighting embodies fluid lines and smooth profiles plus there’s wiggle room to ‘color outside the lines’ if you wish. Contemporary style can be described as the opposite of “orderly” traditional. Minimal details and ornamentation evoke an in-the-moment feel.

Add Contemporary Bath Lights Beside Round Mirror for Stylish Look

Contrasts in shape and color are signature elements. Contemporary and modern styles are closely related, but contemporary, by definition, is more casual, fluid and open and often with a surprise to delight the eye.

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Contemporary Bath Lighting – Details and Flourishes:

  • Finishes – Familiar yet ‘now’ finishes include polished chrome, polished and antique brass, brushed nickel, brushed gold and natural elements.
  • Motifs – Shades in translucent porcelain, clear artisan glass, iced glass, or etched opal glass are the norm.
  • Designs – A clean, soft look and a smooth fluid line are cornerstones of contemporary style.
Lighting Fixtures for Contemporary Bathroom Look
Add Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

We are all fortunate to live in a time where you can take a vision and make it a reality – no matter your taste or budget. With such a wide array of bathroom lighting options out there, the hardest part might just be choosing your favorites to create a light layering mix that’s functional and beautiful.

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