Beyond the Basic Bulb: One of the Quickest Ways to Reinvent Your Lighting

Beyond the Basic Bulb: One of the Quickest Ways to Reinvent Your Lighting

When it comes to changing your look, little things mean a lot, and one of the quickest fixes you can make is to change the bulbs in your lighting fixtures. Think a bulb is too basic an element to make a real stylistic difference? Think again. Bulbs can change brightness and the tone of your room’s light, but they can also be a focal point in their own right. Consider these changes you can make by simply switching your bulbs:

Get Creative with Stylish Light Bulbs for Limitless Options
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Add warmth or cool things off: When it comes to the kind of light they emit, bulbs can vary widely. To add a warming feeling to your room, switch to a soft white bulb, or even an amber bulb. To give a room an airier, more invigorating look, select bright white. You’ll find variations in tone in incandescent, fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Modernize a chandelier: Update the look of any chandelier by plucking off its shades. While shades themselves can do a lot to alter the look of the fixture, putting the bulbs on display is a bold approach that’s well suited to urban chic interior styles. As designer Philip Gorrivan said, “Experiment with different light bulbs in your sconces and chandeliers. Instead of the traditional flame tip, try using clear Edison bulbs. Ditch the shades for a more modern look.”

Go for Chandeliers with Exposed Bulbs

Shift your shape: Bulbs go way beyond the classic rounded top versions. Flames (either embossed or with a candle-like wispy end) and faceted bulbs make a more pronounced statement. Edison bulbs, which themselves come in a range of shapes – from long and slender to short and round – are currently on the interior design hot list.

Different Types of Stylish Edison Bulbs

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