Cage Lighting for Every Room

Cage Lighting for Every Room

Cage lighting is a quick an easy way to add an industrial edge to your space. Dating back to 1972, cage lights maintain a lacy delicacy and a rough and tough edge at the same time. Since they don’t have shades, these kinds of lights shine bright and feel more natural.

While the name might suggest otherwise, cage lighting is very versatile. We’ll show you how to set your home free with cage lighting solutions for every room.

The Bedroom

Zuo Modern Contemporary Cage Pendant Lighting for Bedrooms

With its minimalist, sculptural shapes, cage lights add character to the bedroom and allow you to escape the usual bedroom accouterments. You know what we mean – the fluffy pillows, soft sheets and rounded edges everywhere. Cage lighting provides a nice contrast.

Anu from installed a cage sconce in a DIY project for her home.

“I love the modern, yet rustic and industrial feel that they have,” Anu said. “Our room is super small and we have a king bed. (A) little stool is about as much as I can fit there for a side table.”

But the cage lighting opened up the space a bit, adding more light without covering the room in extravagant shades or tiers.

The Bathroom

Click for Calleis Rust Convertible Semi-Flush By Kichler

Or consider a more rustic, less nautical take on the cage. Cage lights can also help you set up a more beachside feel. These pendants, also from Kichler, look a little like fish traps. But because they’re pendants they look good paired together and with smaller pendants on the outside as they distribute the light across the width of a mirror like the one shown here.

The Kitchen

A lot of people are going with a kitchen island to create a more open room, while still keeping enough space for storage and counter-tops. Cage lights are open by their nature, so they make ideal additions over an island or even a kitchen table.

When you’re installing these lights, you may consider more than one cage pendant. If you do that, remember the “rule of three.” That’s a design principle that allows you to achieve balance in a space. If the kitchen is smaller, you may need to stick with one bigger pendant. Of course, it’s really more of a guideline than a rule. The Veraluz pendants pictured above look lovely in a pair over a kitchen island. No matter how many pendants you choose, remember you want to distribute the light evenly across the surface -without shadows and without glare. If you’re chopping or measuring, you want to see exactly what you’re doing.

The Dining Room/Breakfast Nook

Cage lighting is industrial and a little edgy, but it can also be elegant. Our friends over at Centsational Girl explain why the cage is all the rage in a variety home design styles.

“Great lighting is like the jewelry that makes a fabulous outfit. Your lamps, chandeliers, and sconces are an opportunity to set the style of a space, to add a layer of texture (think industrial or woven shades), or to play the role of the unexpected element. Think of crystal chandeliers in a contemporary space, a minimalist modern fixture in a more traditional room, or an industrial cage pendant in a cottage dining room.”

In a smaller dining space such as a breakfast nook, the cage light can work just as well. In this nook setting, the fixture allows the light from the outside windows to shine through during the day, and doesn’t obscure the lovely view outside. You wouldn’t want a drum or a bulky fixture here. A cage style is the perfect fit for this space.

See, cage lighting isn’t restrictive at all. Let’s call it freedom lighting. Tell us how you used this kind of lighting to set your home free.

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