Chandeliers By Room Guide

Chandeliers By Room Guide

Tips to Find Perfect Chandelier for Every Room of Your Home

The right chandelier can transform any space with glimmering light and undeniable style. Whether you’re searching for the traditional glamour of crystal designs or contemporary showstoppers instead, there are endless options for any room in your home. We’re giving you a tour of the chandeliers that work best for each room in your home and helping you update your interior lighting one space at a time.

1 | Foyer & Entryway Chandeliers

There’s no better way to make a dazzling first impression than with an entryway chandelier. Capture guests’ attention as soon as they walk through the front door with a statement-making design that embodies your sense of style.

Large entryways with tall ceilings look balanced with large-scale designs, while smaller spaces are better suited to petite chandeliers instead. If your foyer gives way to a staircase, an oversized chandelier can enhance its overall drama as well as its general safety. Make sure you hang any entryway chandeliers in single-story foyers at least seven feet above the ground in order to give visitors enough clearance. Working with a two-story entrance? Place the chandelier above the second floor for a clean and polished presentation. Browse “Chandeliers, Area Rugs, & Color: Transform Your Entryway With These Simple Tips” for more ways to make your foyer shine.

Illuminate Entryway & Foyer with Designer Chandeliers

Pro Tip: Make sure the entryway chandelier is placed high enough to avoid the swing of the front door. Also, illuminate vestibules, consoles, and corners with pendant lights or flush-mount fixtures to illuminate your surroundings.

2 | Dining Room Chandeliers

Small dining room tables in round or square shapes are beautifully complemented by similarly petite chandeliers. Mix and match these designs with round and square chandeliers, but avoid pairing these tables with rectangular fixtures as a general rule. Rectangular tables work well with linear chandeliers and can handle slightly wider fixtures.

The dining room is also a great place to play with an unexpected chandelier design, like a retro sputnik or futuristic bubble-glass fixture. These naturally make great conversation starters, which is what you want when you have guests over for dinner. Center the chandelier over the table rather than simply in the middle of the room.

White Drum Chandeliers for Dining Room Lighting

Typically, the best height is between 30 and 36 inches from the tabletop – this allows enough space for flower arrangements and tall centerpieces. If you haven’t used it before, our “Chandelier Size Calculator” will help you visualize the height between table and chandelier.

One exception to this rule is when the chandelier is especially ornate or heavy. This can overpower the table and may require a few more inches of distance for visual balance. Uplights are a traditional choice for dining rooms, but downlights can work, as well – especially if you plan to use the table for homework, studying, and games. Just use a dimmer switch to adjust the illumination as needed.

Pro Tip: Make sure the entryway chandelier is placed high enough to avoid the swing of the front door. Also, illuminate vestibules, consoles, and corners with pendant lights or flush-mount fixtures to illuminate your surroundings.

3 | Living Room Chandeliers

When choosing the right size chandelier for your living room, you’ll want to look at both the height of the ceiling and the height of your coffee table. For 8 foot ceilings with 3 foot tall tables, go for a chandelier that’s around 24 inches tall. If your coffee table is 4 ft. tall, choose a 12 inch chandelier instead.

For 9 foot ceilings, 36 inches and 24 inches are best for 3 foot and 4 foot tables, respectively. Don’t go larger than a 72 inch chandelier in a living room with a 12 foot ceiling. Check out our complete “Chandelier Ceiling Height Guide: To-Scale Cheat Sheet” for a helpful infographic that shines a light on choosing the perfect chandelier size for your living room.

Pro Tip: Use a dimmer switch with your chandelier to automatically adjust your living room’s overhead light. Dimmers are a wonderful way to add ambiance to any space, and they can create a tailored setting for social gatherings and quiet evenings. Plus, they can offer more flattering light (which is always a plus). You can use incandescent bulbs with standard dimmer switches, as well as LED bulbs that are rated as “dimmable.” LEDs, on the other hand, work best when used with LED dimmers.

4 | Chandeliers for the Kitchen

The kitchen demands quality light, and a chandelier is a smart way to brighten up your culinary workspace and add general ambience to this high-traffic room. Because of the nature of kitchen prep, it’s oftentimes necessary to complement a central overhead chandelier with coordinating pendants and under-cabinet lights for the most useful approach to light layering. Check out “Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas for Popular Room Layouts” to see lighting suggestions for peninsulas, galleys, horseshoes, and more.

Stylish Multi-Light Iron Chandeliers for Kitchen Lighting

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to choose a kitchen chandelier that’s relatively easy to clean. (All that grease and moisture can turn an ornate fixture into a high-maintenance chore.) Also, consider placing multiple pendants or chandeliers over an island for more efficient task lighting.

5 | Bedroom Chandeliers

Give your master bedroom some serious panache with a dynamic overhead chandelier. From traditional, formal styles to contemporary stunners, there are countless designs that will turn your bedroom into a serene hideaway. High ceilings work well with oversized, ornate, or tiered chandeliers, and dimmer switches give you more lighting control. Large, unshaded bulbs work well in bedrooms that rely on chandeliers for their main light, while shaded designs offer a diffused alternative.

Crystal Chandeliers for Modern Bedroom Lighting

Pro Tip: Get creative with your bedside lighting by hanging a small chandelier over your night stand. Doing so frees up valuable table space and lends unexpected flair to your bedroom. Place these designs approximately 20 to 30 inches above your bedside table for the best fit. Learn more ways to “Make a Grand Statement with Chandeliers in the Bedroom” using our quick and easy lighting tricks.

6 | Kids’ Bedroom Chandeliers

Kids’ rooms deserve great lighting, too. Brighten up your little one’s space with a fun chandelier that appeals to their interests and matches their style. These overhead designs are also a must-have for nurseries, as new moms and dads will appreciate having ample light above a baby’s changing station during diaper changes.

Colorful Chandeliers with Shades for Kids' Bedroom

Pro Tip: For nurseries, consider installing a dimmer switch to avoid too much overhead glare in the middle of the night.

7 | Bathroom Chandeliers

Yes, even bathrooms can indulge in the chandelier trend – as long as the fixture is balanced with the size of the bathroom space. Master baths look particularly luxe with brass or crystal-embellished designs that take center stage, while silver tones can keep things understated and cool. Use a bold design to highlight a claw-foot bathtub or brighten up a vanity. Smaller half baths and guest bathrooms look similarly chic with mini chandeliers that are big on style.

Illuminate Modern Bathroom Space with White Chandeliers

Pro Tip: Make sure you select a chandelier that’s rated for damp or wet locations. This is essential for any and all light fixtures that are placed directly above a bathtub or shower, and it’s a good guideline for bathroom fixtures in general.

8 | Office Chandeliers

A well-lit workspace is a must for everyday productivity, and chandeliers provide ample illumination while boosting your workflow. No one wants an office that feels stuffy, and the right light fixture can actually make your home workstation more energizing and conducive to creativity. Home offices are prime spots for downlights to shine. Place a multi-bulb style directly above your desk for ample light and plenty of flair.

Look for Adding Stylish Chandeliers for Home Office Space

Pro Tip: Trying to ignite that creative spark? Feel free to experiment with different chandelier styles. Hanging a modern chandelier in a traditional room can feel fresh and new, while using a vintage design in a contemporary setting adds its own signature charm.

9 | Chandeliers for Walk-In Closets

Every fashionista adores a good walk-in closet, and nothing enhances its appeal more than a glamorous overhead chandelier. Choose a design that matches your overall style – whether that’s luxe, girly, or totally refined. Not only will a chandelier brighten the entire closet space, but it will also make planning your day-to-day outfits that much simpler. It’s the perfect mix of ambient and task lighting, and it’s essential for helping you (and your home) look and feel on-point.

Find Designer Chandeliers for Walk-In Closets at Bellacor

Pro Tip: Install recessed lights above shelves and racks to make finding your favorite LBD that much easier. Closets are obviously more cramped than other spaces, but try to keep the chandelier at least four feet from surrounding walls and furnishings whenever possible.

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Chandeliers are a timeless way to add ambient light and warmth to any room of your home. Pair these overhead designs with wall sconces, pendant lights, torchieres, and table lamps to illuminate any space to perfection. These decorative essentials make grand statements and let you put your personal sense of style right where it belongs: in the spotlight.

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