DIY Light Switches, Dimmers & Outlets

DIY Your Light Switches, Dimmers and Outlets

We know what you’re thinking. You’d love to replace your dated plastic light switches and outlets with the chic, contemporary Legrand adorne® collection. If only it didn’t involve so much work. Besides, wouldn’t that mean re-wiring everything? You’ll be happy to know that most adorne® switches, dimmers and outlets fit into a standard wall box. Imagine, this could be the weekend your home lighting gets a whole new look with better functionality and energy efficiency. To help you make the switch, we’ve put together a few smart configurations and stylish wall plates.

One Gang Switches

Whether hosting a candlelit dinner party in the dining room or bringing down the house lights for movie night in the great room, having a dimmer option gives you the freedom to create the perfect ambiance in any setting. Time to give that lackluster one-gang traditional toggle switch a whole new look.

Showcased in an aged brass wall plate, the Whisper Dimmer with its signature whisper-soft operation and classic lines adds a warm dimension to this room.

One Gang Outlets

Most homes have at least one or more outlet plugs in every room. Typical one gang outlets have a visible screw and two vertical receptacles so you can plug two appliances in at a time. It can be an awkward fit with two large grounded plugs – unplugging one can often lead to unplugging both. adorne® outlets have strategically placed receptacles so plugging and unplugging any sized plug is easy. And did you notice? No unsightly screws!

Legrand adorne® wall outlets offer a streamlined profile. Custom wall plates put you in the designer seat.

Two Gang Switches

The versatility of adorne® switches combined with a stylish selection of wall plates lets you personalize wall switches to suit a room’s lighting needs and décor. Take a look at the 2-gang Touch Switch. It showcases a glass face with a small circle you press to turn lights on or off, similar to operating an iPod.

2 Gang Touch Switch

2 Gang Outlets

The Legrand adorne® Pop-out 2-gang outlet includes one Pop-Out outlet that you can pair with a switch. To operate the Pop-Out, simply push on the box and the outlet pops out. Push the box again and it disappears into the wall. The clever, versatile design has a 3-plug capacity, with one on top and one on either side.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to update your outlets.

3 Gang Switches

Let’s say your dining room has a chandelier and some wall sconces. Dimming one or more lights goes a long way to matching your lighting to the mood. Hint: adorne® dimmers are available in 700 watt and 1100 watt. To connect a dimmer switch to your chandelier you’ll need to match the bulb wattage to your dimmer switch. To do this, multiply the number of bulbs by their wattage. For example a chandelier with 7 bulbs at 100 watts each means you’ll need a 700 watt dimmer switch.

This trio of switches includes a sofTap dimmer for a chandelier or other ambient lighting. A dimming paddle lets you adjust lighting even further and two sofTap switches turn other lights on or off with a gentle tap of the finger.

3 Gang Outlets

Adorne® outlets let you plug in to your creativity. With smart phones and other rechargeable devices most homes could use one or more charging stations. With a 1 module USB outlet which includes 2 ½ size USB outlets, you’ll have plenty of flexibility arranging a wall plate to include a charging station, in your home office or even in the great room.

4 Gang Switches

Hallways often have several switches that access lights in a foyer, stairway or another room. Each Legrand adorne® 4-gang setup works with any combination of switches, dimmers and most outlets. They offer a unique selection of decorative wall plates in many materials including wood, metal and leathers, so like your choice of light fixtures, the hallway wall plate becomes an expression of your unique style.

Combined with sofTap switches in magnesium, this Hubbardton Forge Bronze 4-gang wall plate adds instant appeal to a hallway or dining room.

4 Gang Outlets

The kitchen is one room in your home that calls for more lighting control, along with plenty of outlet options with functional accessibility. Along with ambient overhead lighting, a well-lit work space and under counter lighting with outlets makes for a high functioning kitchen. Here’s where the adorne® collection really shines, with a plethora of high-tech switches and outlets combined with designer wall plates to personalize your style.

Whisper switches and an extra wall outlet in a decorative 4-gang Hubbardton Forge wall plate offers function and visual appeal.

This weekend why not set aside some time to re-think your home’s switches and outlets. Update your favorite spaces with stylish switches that turn on the lights with a tap, touch, wave or push. Or how about increasing the capacity of your bathroom outlets with just one Pop-out outlet? Designed for easy DIY installation, the adorne® innovative snap-in system installs with nothing more than a screwdriver.

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