Flush Light Guide – The Perfect Size for Any Room

Check out these tips to find right size flush lighting fixtures for any space

All About Flush Lights

The Perfect Size for Any Room

Flush lights are a great choice for lighting many rooms due to their versatility and low profile. Well-placed flush lights can provide pleasant and ambient lighting especially in rooms with a lower ceiling height.

What is a flush light exactly? Flush mount fixtures are affixed directly onto the ceiling and shine light downward. Flush lights are installed with little or no space between the body of the light and the ceiling. Semi-flush lights, on the other hand, are mounted with some space between the body of the fixture and the ceiling. They typically hang from a short chain or down rod, and resemble a small chandelier. Both flush and semi-flush lights provide general lighting, but each is best suited for different types of rooms.

If you’re debating what size flush mount light to get for a room, explore this guide to learn about:

  • Choosing the right size flush light for each room
  • When to use flush mount or semi-flush lights
  • Picking the perfect bedroom flush light
  • Finding the right hallway flush light

Choosing the Right Size Flush Light for Each Room

Flush mount lights are one of the most common lighting fixtures in homes. They’re preferred for their nonintrusive style and ability to fit in small spaces. They can also be a more affordable choice than other lighting fixtures and come in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

But with so many options to choose from, finding the right size flush light can be daunting. Our size and placement guidelines below will help you in picking out the perfect flush light for any room.

It’s important to determine the scale and clearance of your lighting fixture. Measure the length and width of your room in feet, add these numbers together, and then convert the total to inches. The answer is the ideal diameter you should strive for when choosing flush lights for any room.

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After you’ve determined the proper scale, you’ll need to consider how low your flush light should hang. The ideal clearance depends on the room the flush light is being used in.

In living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or open foyers, you’ll want to keep at least seven feet of clearance from the bottom of the flush light to the floor. It’s best to stick with a low-profile flush mount if you have an eight-foot ceiling.

In bathrooms, maintain eight feet between the top of the tub and the bottom of the flush light to avoid any safety hazards. This can be tricky to achieve in smaller bathrooms. We recommend placing a flush light in a bathroom at least three feet away from directly over the bathtub.

When to Use Flush Mount or Semi-Flush Lights

Flush mount and semi-flush lights are great for proving ambient lighting. But knowing which to place in your room is just as important as choosing the proper size. Our guide below can help you decide which type is best for your room.  

Flush mount lights work beautifully in rooms with eight-foot ceilings. Installing a flush light on a 10-foot ceiling can produce a dimming effect since the light is positioned so far above the floor. Semi-flush lights, on the other hand, are perfect for rooms with a nine-foot or 10-foot ceiling. They bring the light lower and can lend the effect of a brighter room.

Since semi-flush lights are mounted using a chain or rod, they’re more versatile in rooms of varying ceiling height. For example, semi-flush lights are great options for sloped ceilings to create the most ambient light.

Picking the Perfect Bedroom Flush Light

The bedroom is a safe haven in your home and should provide a relaxing space. Now that you know how to determine the right size, think about which flush light style and finish would work well in your bedroom. With dozens of options to choose from, it can be challenging settling on the right one. Our style guidelines below can help with the process.

Flush lights come in many designs, including traditional, transitional, farmhouse, mid-century modern, glam and contemporary. Some offer a clean, minimalist look while others are more extravagant.

For example, flush mount lights work well in modern and minimalist guest bedrooms, while semi-flush lights can offer a more elegant look in bedrooms where chandeliers may not fit.

Flush ceiling lights can also make practical additions to kids’ rooms and nurseries.

Traditional flush lights are usually made with a bowl-shaped glass or plastic. Some include traditional elements like iron or bronze while others have a modern finish like nickel or stainless steel. For example, drum shade ceiling lights are timeless and bring soft ambient lighting to a room. They come in both flush and semi-flush designs.

Glass drum shade ceiling lights are another popular option. They generate lots of light and create an open aesthetic in your room. The light’s fabric shades can be swapped for a new color or print when you update your décor.

Glass globe and dome ceiling lights, on the other hand, are ideal for mid-century and modern interiors. These lights can shine brightly in your room due to their shades made out of glass. Pick white glass shades for soft, diffused lighting or clear glass shades for a clean, modern look.

Square flush ceiling lights are a bold alternative to round flush lights. For instance, square LED ceiling lights are slim and perfect for minimalist bedrooms. Square fixtures with fabric shades can provide soft ambient lighting in contemporary rooms.

If none of those options go with your décor, geometric ceiling lights may do the trick. Hexagon, star-shaped, and honeycomb lights are perfect alternatives. They can add intrigue to your room while providing plenty of ambient lighting.

Since flush lights function as ambient lighting, it’s important to pair them with other types of fixtures. A mixture of task and accent lighting should be used to complement flush lights. Table or floor lamps are also great options.

Keep in mind that what size flush mount you choose effects the bedroom’s overall aesthetic. You do not want to unbalance your space with ceiling lighting that is too big or too small for your bedroom. Refer to our size guide above for determining the proper measurements.

Finding the Right Hallway Flush Light

You spend a considerable amount of time in your hallway, so finding the right fixture to light up your space is a must. Hallways are one of the few rooms where extra light fixtures are not needed for room-specific tasks. Flush lights are perfect solutions for providing general lighting.

First off, the goal of lighting a hallway is to ensure that the space is bright enough to safely move in and out of. For narrow hallways, flush lights alone will provide enough illumination. They are great choices for lower ceilings and when you need to install several lights in a row. LED semi-flush lights, dome-shaped lights, or glass drum lights are perfect solutions.

For a contemporary aesthetic, look for flush lights with a classic design and opal white diffusers. These types of lights have dimming capabilities that can add extra functionality to your space.

For wider hallways, consider pairing flush lights with wall sconces. Place these two fixtures on separate switches for a better lighting effect. That way you can have dim sconces as accent lights at night for any bathroom trips or midnight snack runs.

Keep in mind that what size flush mount you choose for your hallway has to fit the dimensions of the space. If it’s placed too low, you’ll run the risk of bumping into your flush light. Refer to our size guide above for help in finding the perfect size.  

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