How Low Can Lighting Go

How Low Can Lighting Go?

Low Lighting with Dimmers
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Lighting is the soul of a room. It takes a space and gives it energy. Using different lights and layering them together doesn’t only lighten a room, it gives it depth and style. One classic light is the dimmer. Interior designers love to add dimmers to many rooms, and it’s no surprise why. I personally prefer to have dimmers as I am able to control how bright a room is at any given time. They can create and change the mood of the room with the touch of a button. Dimmers not only add dimension to a room, but many save energy and money too.

  • How to Light Any Room Lighting should be planned out and layered in a way to add contrast and effect to each area of the home. This article covers the room and what type of lighting should be added along with which rooms work best with dimmers.
  • The Formula for Lighting a Room There literally is a formula for how much light needs to be in a room depending on its square footage. This article covers the rooms and types of light that should be in each one.
  • Bedroom Lighting The bedroom should be a relaxing room, but people’s mood are constantly changing. Dimmers are a great way to control the overall feel and light in a bedroom.
  • Lighting the Controlling Factor If there is one great thing about dimmers, it is its ability to control an entire room’s feel with the twist or touch of a button.

There are many different dimmer designs and you can add one to almost any light and room. Using adjustment lights in a formal dining room allows you to easily slide or turn the light lower for a romantic evening meal. Remote switches are an excellent way to dim the lights for watching TV in a family or entertainment room. If you have ever woken up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, there is nothing like getting blinded by bright lights. Indicator dimmers are easy to turn on and keep the light low and easy on your eyes.

  • Types of Dimmer Switches You can control the lights with a remote or can even automatically dim. Choosing the type of dimmer depends on convenience, style, and your personal preference.
  • Luxurious Modern Lighting Living Room Decorating Ideas Dimmers add a dramatic effect to a room while saving money. Many professional decorators love to incorporate dimmers into a room to change the environment.
  • Designers’ Simplest Makeover Ideas While covering simple design makeover tips, this article also talks about how designers often spend a small amount to add a dimmer to a room to change the entire mood.

There is a little debate about whether dimmers actually do save you money or not. Older ones often use the same amount of energy despite emitting very low light. However, most new dimmers are designed to save energy. These ones prevent excess energy from going through the circuit. This can cut your electric bill down substantially. To preserve energy, dimmers cause the lights to flicker. You can’t see the flicker with your eyes because of how fast it goes on and off. This saves energy which over time saves you money. For the money you can save, adding dimmers to a room is an affordable way to add a soft but dramatic touch to any room.

  • Dimmers Save Energy and Money By adding a dimmer to a room, you save wattage and output energy. This will cut back on your electric bill every month if you keep rooms dimmed.
  • Do Dimmer Switches Save Energy? Newer dimmers save energy as they prevent excess energy from going to the light bulb. This gives you a little incentive to dim down the lights for a romantic night.

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