Ideas for Using Modern Light Fixtures in Traditional Spaces

Ideas for Using Modern Light Fixtures in Traditional Spaces

Worried your style is becoming too predictable? Do the unexpected and transform your traditional space with a modern light fixture. When used appropriately, modern lights can kick your home’s traditional interior up a notch for a style that is truly unique. Here are three different ideas for making it work.

Add a whimsical touch

Traditional spaces tend to have a serious appearance, but you can change all that with a modern light fixture. Choose a pendant or chandelier that is playful and fun to lighten the mood and help your room feel more relaxed. This will also help you hit that perfect sweet spot between formal and casual.

Repeat shapes and finishes

The easiest way to find a modern light fixture that will work in your traditional space is to find elements in the room and then repeat them. Identify the various finishes and shapes in a room and find a light fixture to match. If your room has brass accents, for example, then hang up a brass fixture to tie the look together.

Bring a room into the present

Sometimes a modern light fixture is the only way to keep a room from feeling outdated. If you live in an older home with lots of traditional detailing, help bring it into the present era with modern lighting that both complements your interior and updates the look, too. Be sure to match your fixture to existing elements in the room so it doesn’t look out of place.

Who says you have to go all modern or only traditional? Adding a modern light fixture in a traditional space allows you to combine the best characteristics of each style to achieve the exact look you want in your home.

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