Layered Lighting – What It Is and Where You Need It

Layered Lighting – What It Is and Where You Need It

A Layer of Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, and Ceiling Lights

How many rooms in your home have just one light fixture? For most rooms, the bulk of the lighting work is done by an overhead light, but that could leave much of your space in the dark, literally and figuratively. By adding different kinds of lighting throughout a room, you’ll not only make the space look bigger, you’ll also be giving yourself more useable space.

The idea of layered lighting is one that can improve virtually every high-use living space. The design concept illuminates a space more thoroughly, but also more thoughtfully, as determined by how you use a room.

So, how and where would it work in your home?

In the living room: The gathering spot for movie night, the place to kick back and chat after holiday smorgasbords, or the at-home arena for the big game – a living room can be a lot of things. In this space, bright ambient lighting provides the ideal backdrop, and can be achieved with carefully placed recessed fixtures. Take screen glare into account if this is where you watch TV. Warmer accent lights, like bookshelf or picture lighting, or even wall sconces, provide some extra versatility; turn off the ambient lights and you’ll still have a well-lit space, but one that’s more cozy. Finally, task lighting, like a floor lamp next to a favorite reading chair, should be tailored to the way you use the room most.

Track lighting can provide a wonderful, bright atmosphere for the kitchen, but it also allows you to direct added brightness where it’s most needed – like the places where you do a lot of meal prep like chopping. If your kitchen has an eat-in area, pendant lights are a perfect way to add some design personality as well as shed light on the places where you dine. For a subtle final touch, under cabinet lighting might be small, but it can help to brighten the whole room, or draw attention to stylish kitchen accessories.

Layered lighting is all about making your home more dynamic and your rooms more useful. The added benefit is that it can also add beauty, particularly if you select attention-getting accent lights.

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