Solar Lights Can Light Up Your Night

Solar Lights Can Light Up Your Night

Light Up Your Night with Solar Lighting Fixtures

Put sunlight to work for you by installing outdoor solar lights. Not only will they save you money – since sun power is free – but they’re affordable, simple to install and can be relocated easily. You can light pathways, accent trees or statuaries, or use them as decorative accents.

To charge your lights, just place them in a sunny area. The sun’s energy will be absorbed by collection panels, then converted into electrical energy. Today’s light-emitting diodes (LEDs) create light without generating much heat and are reliably bright. With proper maintenance, your lights will last for several years, and work in almost all temperatures and weather, year-round.

Here are some solar lighting options that will add beauty to your landscape:

Path lights. Use these to illuminate sidewalks, paths or driveway perimeters. They’re usually used in multiples to guide the way along a dark walkway or set of stairs. They typically have sensors that turn on the lights as the sun fades; some have on/off switches.

Spotlights and task lights. These add ambiance to your yard, as the spotlights can be placed in trees to light downward, or beneath trees, shrubs or statuary, to cast a light upward. They’re also useful in marking landscape hazards, such as flower gardens or large rocks, which may not otherwise be seen at night. Most solar spotlights and task lights are designed to be mounted in a number of ways and can be adjusted to shine in any direction.

Solar Landscape Lantern Lights for Outdoor Lighting

Decorative lights. These combine fun and utility. For example, you can use planters along your deck that come in several colors and glow in the dark. Tiki torches can light up your patio during an evening’s entertainment.

Solar lights that use LEDs may have another benefit that makes them well-suited for landscape use: As temperatures drop, LEDs generate an even brighter light.

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