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Author: Morgan Molitor from construction2style

We're all about a good statement pendant light in all our designs and remodels. While certain trends come and go?—if you ask us?—pendant lights will remain forever! They may cycle through different shapes, styles, colors, designs, and sizes throughout the years but whatever the shift in trends, they are always sure to make a statement.

Today, we wanted to share with you all things pendant lighting - some of our favorites, the design shifts we see for 2020, and where to use them and why.

Bold Gold Transitions Into Soft Gold

As you know, gold has been back in big ways over the last couple years. But now that 2020 is here, we see a shift from the bold gold into a more soft and subtle champagne gold. While I like to think any and all gold will always remain in pendant lighting, I do love the charm behind the soft gold. For those of our clients or readers that are still a bit nervous about moving back over into gold, yet want to move with the shift in trends, champagne gold is the way to go!

Soft gold gives a sweet charm, so we always encourage people to not only think of pendant statements in your kitchen, but also in unexpected places like cozy reading or breakfast nooks, above the nightstands in your bedroom, or in your cozy office. These are places that you use to inspire your creativity yet still make a statement and offer simplicity.

Black Kitchen Globe Pendants

Black is Back...Again

Black is back, and well, has been back since last year. But yet again, homeowners are now ready to make those moves and jump right in! Black is a timeless-yet-bold and sophisticated color. When using black, we always think about it as a statement or focal point since the eye is always drawn there when using it within any design element. Our best advice for black pendants: make sure to incorporate black in a space that feels natural rather than sticks out. Try fusing it with natural wood elements, warm whites and mixed metals.

We've used it in our home for all of our window trim, cabinetry, lighting, and even crown molding in our bathrooms. Think about ways to balance it out with things such as white countertops, light wood flooring and vanities. Throughout the different spaces and subtle touches, it brings the home together making it feel natural yet drawing our guests to those areas throughout our home to think a little bit outside the box.

Vintage Is Always In

Now more than ever, people (especially the up and coming generation) want everything to tell a story, whether that is in their home, life, fashion, social media, etc. And the easiest way you can do that in your home and fashion is through vintage pieces.

Millennials are one of the most diverse and connected generation we've had thus far and they want all things that encompass their life to tell a story. Through flea markets to vintage stores to vintage merchandise brands that are bringing products to market this year, the new and upcoming generations are all about it, and I think we're going to continue to see more and more of this movement as trends shift.

Back in the 18th century, can you imagine lighting all of your lights with a match? Climbing ladders, moving chairs, running your kids up and down the stairs in the dark? I sure can't! Although that style is back in, we appreciate the lighting technology that we have now! But that design style is back in ways that are both similar and different ways. Some of our favorite vintage finds on Bellacor give the look of what was once candles, but now with a new and more modern vibe.

A great location for vintage pendant lighting to give the perfect ambiance for any setting would be over the dining room table or a pair of pendants over the kitchen island. Or if you're going for an unexpected look, disperse a series down a long hallway.

Go Natural: Pendants with Organic Materials

As we chatted about in our Color Trends 2020 post over on construction2style's blog, colors were chosen due to the demand for saving the environment. We see this same shift moving through all products, materials, and furniture selections this year, and that includes the use, look and feel of incorporating natural elements and materials even into lighting fixtures. And we are all about it! The natural use of materials in lighting brings a calm and warm vibe into any space.

Less is More, Really: Minimalism Pendants

What I love about the minimalist movement is that it's all about focusing on what brings you happiness in your space. It's less about proving to people that you don't have "stuff" or clutter and more about living a simpler lifestyle and showing pieces within your home that are important to you.

This minimalism concept is spreading through all pieces of your home, and we're seeing the designs taking shape even through lighting elements. Clean lines, less is more, simple concepts. Choose items that make your home flow, have a purpose, are intentionally placed for a reason and purpose, and cohesively balance one another. You can incorporate minimalism lighting anywhere throughout your home from your kitchen, dining, entry, hallway, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. If you are choosing to start incorporating this design style, you will take that approach in every light that you have throughout your home.Soon your home will be filled with light fixtures that were placed intentionally and with purpose, and the simplicity will balance the look and feel throughout your space.

Organic Modernism aka Mid-Century Modern

Organic modernism style is the new mid-century modern design. The mid-century modern trend has been popular for decades and, in our opinion, will remain classic and timeless. However, now we're seeing a little fun incorporated into this design concept with boho and organic style coming into play. A little more fun is coming into play instead of the very crisp and clean mid-century modern that we once knew. As shown in one of our favorite Bellacor pendants that plays off of the mid-century modern design style; instead of all white, crisp, and clean, they added some fun and a splash of sparkle along the edge. We're already seeing a big shift this year into getting more bold, willing, and daring with breaking the norm a bit behind any one design style.

Bigger Can Be Better

Come 2020, homeowners are getting even more bold, risky, and daring! We saw this slight shift in home design in 2019, but now I think everyone is ready and willing to take the full plunge and things are bigger and better! Don't be afraid to incorporate and mix different finishes, tones, and textures with one another in any of your spaces. We still love our oversized black and gold 28-inch pendant, even now, years later after installing it in our home. We love how it played off of our stainless steel appliances and subtle gold hardware. It created the perfect statement and conversation piece for our home!

When going big with the pendant lighting, our tip is to make sure you have high ceilings so that it doesn't overpower the room. Most of these areas will be in your foyer, kitchen, or dining room.

Oversized Black & Gold Kitchen Pendant

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