Wake Up Beaming with the Best Bathroom Lighting

Wake Up Beaming with the Best Bathroom Lighting

Tips to Brighten Up Bathroom with Best Lighting Fixtures

Bathrooms are often the hardest room in the home to light. If you have too much lighting, then it can put a nasty glare on cosmetic issues. When there is too little lighting, you will be unable to see what you are doing. That can become extremely dangerous in a room prone to slippery surfaces. On top of everything else, you may need to light multiple areas, such as the vanity, ceiling, and wall. Fortunately, lighting the bathroom is much easier than most homeowners consider, and there are ways to ensure each section gets the lighting it deserves.

Dry, Damp or Wet Lighting?

Ratings of Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

As you shop for lights, you may notice some are labeled “damp rated” while others are labeled “wet rated.” It is vital to understand what these terms are, so you do not hurt yourself or damage a structure in your bathroom. Luckily, the labels are clearly present and easy to understand.

A fixture labeled “Dry Locations Only” should go in an area not ordinarily subjected to dampness; however, these fixtures can usually sustain temporary dampness, such as placement above a bathroom vanity.

“Suitable for Damp Locations”

“Suitable for Wet Locations”

Lighting labeled “Suitable for Damp Locations” can be subjected to exposure to condensation. Able to withstand some contact with moisture makes these fixtures ideal for illuminating the area directly outside a shower or a bathroom ceiling.

Lights labeled “Suitable for Wet Locations” can sustain direct contact with water and are best when going directly in a shower within a water splash.

Lighting the Mirror & Vanity

You will do many of your bathroom tasks in front of the mirror. From shaving to applying makeup, you require adequate lighting in this area to flatter your features while giving you enough light to see what you are doing. Task lighting is highly recommended for this. To ensure a bright, focused light consider mounting multi-light wall or bath lights above the bathroom mirror. Overhead vanity lights help eliminate shadows and will create the best aesthetic for tooth care, shaving and makeup application.

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The Varaluz Lofty Steel Three-Light Bath Fixture is ideal for placement around your mirror. The lights are interior damp rated, so you do not have to worry about the steam from the shower damaging the lights. They are constructed out of wood and recycled steel, making them the perfect accompaniment to any home that already has a rustic vibe.

Pro Tip: For task lighting, you want to have between 75 and 100 watts worth of brightness in the master bathroom. For powder rooms where people will not go as often, you want to have lights with roughly 45 watts of illumination. If you are able to, then it is worth it to install a dimmer for your task lights. This gives your eyes a chance to adjust first thing in the morning.

Lighting the Ceiling

Ambient lighting is needed in almost every room in your home and the bathroom is no exception to this rule. Ambient lighting also known as general lighting, provides the comfortable overall light of a room. Typically, overhead lighting fixtures are used where ambient light is required. To achieve an even glow throughout the space some homeowners will want to take a more decorative approach and install a chandelier or pendant light. While others will select a more low-profile option and install either a flush or semi-flush ceiling light.

Pro Tip: A good rule of thumb to follow when looking for bathroom ceiling lighting is that you want lights that imitate the qualities of natural sunlight. One tip for accomplishing this is picking a light fixture that comes with a white shade, whether it is clear, frost or opaque. In the event you want LED lights in your bathroom, you want LEDs with a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K.

Lighting the Wall

To round out your bathroom lighting design and create a fuller look, include wall lights to provide accent lighting. Used to highlight certain areas or features, such as intricate tilework or a stunning glass bowl sink, accent lighting is the last layer of light and helps “fill-in” the space. Accent lights, such as wall sconces, can serve as a secondary light source and help illuminate the areas that the ambient light cannot. Positioning a wall sconce next to the door, window or shower can help offset the task and ambient lighting.

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With a faux porcelain resin shade, the Justice Design Group Brushed Nickel 12-Inch Wide LED Round Flush Mount makes for a fine addition to any washroom. Damp rated, it has a contemporary yet classic aesthetic, and with the inclusion of a dimmer switch, it will make any section of your bathroom stand out.

Pro Tip: To optimize the light and eliminate shadows, wall sconces should be mounted around eye-level, 5-to-6 feet off the ground. If you are using multiple wall lights, create an even diffusion of light by installing them about 28-inches apart.

Light Up Your Life

In addition to securing the best lighting products, you also want to ensure they are placed properly within your bathroom. Providing some distance between your face and the light will ensure the cleanest look possible. Do not resign to lights that enhance flaws when better options are out there.

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