Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Guide

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island Guide

The kitchen often feels like that one room that can get everyone together to share food, laughter and stories. When you know that quality time is spent there, why not add crucial components to complete the experience? To begin, a kitchen island can help you create prep space, seating and even provide storage. If you are in love with how a commercial-grade kitchen looks, then you should consider a stainless steel kitchen island that can easily blend the functionality of steel and the aesthetics of wood. You can opt for stainless steel islands on wheels or a stationary one, but remember adding a kitchen island is a great way to bring purpose and class to your space.

Pairing Stainless with Island Finishes

While a stainless steel kitchen island can act as a practical multipurpose hub in your household, it is essential that you choose the right finish that can work well with the overall theme and style of the room. Stainless steel with a black finish is a classic look with timeless appeal. The industrial top paired with black wood finish on the island blends seamlessly with most spaces to make this combination a practical and adaptable finish. Looking for something that is utilitarian yet the one that makes an elegant style statement? Why not opt to pair stainless steel top finishes in vintage mahogany to add richness and functionality to your space? For a look that is traditional, practical and classy, choose a kitchen island with a stainless steel top in a classic cherry finish.

Stainless steel in a white finish provides a surprisingly strong contrast and can make your kitchen appear fresher, brighter, open and bigger all at the same time. Apart from a cosmopolitan appeal, the combination exudes an industrial vibe that coordinates well with your contemporary kitchen. Warm oak, on the other hand, brings in natural depth and warmth to your space. When combined with cooler stainless steel shade, you can achieve a brighter kitchen design that is extremely appealing. Blending the functionality of stainless steel with the beauty of natural finished wood can also work great in your kitchen where you can chop, stir and mix your way to dinner. These kitchen islands offer additional storage and workspace options without eating up precious room. With wheels to boot, each can be moved to a corner with ease, out of your way when you don’t need it.

Matching Stainless Steel with Cabinets

The versatility of stainless steel gives you the option to pair with a variety of colors without a second thought of conflicting effects. Choosing white gives a neutral appeal that makes your room appear more open and inviting. Grey along with stainless steel brings forward an industrial vibe that gives you a more contemporary look. For a warmer and cozy appeal, you can even decide to choose handsome dark brown shades to match with metallic stainless steel hues of your kitchen appliances. You can also complete the look when you pair it along with hardwood flooring and wooden cabinetry. How about pairing stainless steel with cheerful colors in either warm or cool shades for a kitchen that feels vibrant and energetic? With so many options of kitchen colors that match your stainless steel appliances, we are sure that you will be spoilt for choices.

Matching Countertops

Stainless Steel and Marble

When you decide to redesign your kitchen, one absolutely crucial component is the countertop. An unrivaled classic choice is marble, as it comes in a wide array of colors. Pairing marble with stainless steel provides inspiration if you are looking to create a perfect backdrop for a meal. Marble and stainless steel always pair together, given the neutral balance of steel. A marble top on a stainless steel counter blends well with most styles and spaces. Make the right statement when you bring along the marble counter top to pair along with your stainless steel appliances.

Stainless Steel and Quartz

The kitchens of today are beginning to look a lot like commercial kitchens, thanks to the injection of stainless steel for contemporary styling. As we’ve mentioned, stainless steel is surprisingly versatile and can give your traditional space a modern edge. Blending the warmth of quartz with the sleekness of stainless steel makes for a lovely contrast. The distinctive feel of stainless steel is accepted in both contemporary and traditional styled kitchen without much issue. The mix of lighter hues, texture and shades as shown in the picture above can help you create a larger, friendlier and grander space.

Stainless Steel and Butcher’s Block

Combining stainless steel and butcher’s block makes a purposeful yet classy statement. Butcher’s block countertops are easy to maintain and can fit almost any design scheme to match your kitchen. Most of all, they are a sturdy and durable countertop option. Mixing industrial with a bit of traditional as shown in this picture helps to create a striking balance between the two designs. The maple butcher block here prevents the steel and white elements in the room from creating a commercial effect; whereby instead the room is filled with warm tones. Using a butcher’s block as a countertop material has its advantages; it works well with any color, from bright to muted, and helps create a kitchen that is appealing yet unassuming.

Pairing Stainless Steel with Lighting & Other Features

Stainless steel countertops work well with industrial, eclectic, modern, transitional or even traditional settings. When you are looking to pair this countertop with the perfect backsplash, you generally have two options to choose from: matching lighting or complementing the countertop with a completely different lighting finish. We recommend matching stainless lighting with similar finish for a clean and industrial look, unless you are after an altogether eclectic presence. Continuing along with the same finish gives a seamless and distraction-free appearance to bring your kitchen to the next level.

When you are looking for a smart and attractive countertop that is chef-worthy, stainless steel is a cornerstone option for good reason. This is one surface that can stand the rigors of the kitchen while looking glamorously attractive in a swipe. The non-porous, non-staining surface along with heat resistance gives the stainless steel countertop an instant show-stopping credibility that is close to no other material. If you fear the cold and sterile look of stainless steel, it can be easily busted by pairing it aesthetically with other materials such as wood and concrete to give your kitchen an industrial feel in your own personal way. So what are you waiting for? Bring in that dash of dynamic glint to your kitchen!

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