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Wall Lighting

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Wall Lights Inspiration & IdeasWall Lights Inspiration & Ideas

Ready to brighten your home with ambience and style? Read the lighting on the wall! Our vast collection of lighting fixtures has everything you need for decorative wall lighting that wows. From kitchen wall lights that illuminate your cooking prep to wall light fixtures and sconces for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and foyers, there are endless ways to brighten any space. Spruce up countertops with under-cabinet kitchen wall lighting fixtures, or give your late-night reads a touch of light with bedside swing arm lamps. We’re taking a look at the most popular designs as well as styling tips and tricks to help you find love at first light.

Bath, Sconce, Swing Arm & Picture Wall Light Tips

At Bellacor, we carry a wide range of interior wall lights to suit your styling preferences and designing needs. Bath wall fixtures upgrade vanities in master and guest bathrooms with form and function, while wall sconces are a brilliant way to enhance hallways, fireplaces, and bedsides alike. Similarly, wall mounted task lighting and swing arm lamps give you lighting on demand (and right within reach). Love showing off your favorite artwork and family photos? Update your gallery wall with overhead picture lighting that enhances your decorative displays with ease. Whichever wall light fixture you choose, these gorgeous accents ensure that your home is properly lit from within.

Tips for Picking Wall Lighting for different needs:
  • Bath Lighting: When it comes to picking your bath lighting, it's really a question of whether ambience or task lighting is desired. Task lighting options like LED bathroom lights are best reserved for where you do your grooming. In powder rooms intended for guests, you might be interested in ambient lighting options. From weathered finishes to glimmering metallic hues, these particular bath bars and sconces highlight your favorite aesthetics for guest rooms that are sure to impress.
  • Wall Sconces: Wall sconces can create ambient lighting or can pool lighting in choice areas around the home. Ideal for hallways, common areas and stairs, wall sconces can help bridge gaps in lighting throughout your home. Hang them next to a fireplace for extra warmth, or use them to visually frame walkways, seating arrangements, or beds. These accents provide upward or downward light to specifically accommodate any space.
  • Swing Arm Lamps: Swing arm lamps are ideal for task lighting, such as reading or pooling light anywhere you need concentrated light. Place these handy designs anywhere and everywhere to illuminate reading nooks, arm chairs, desks, and bedsides with ease. You’ll enhance an area’s overall functionality while preventing eye strain.
  • Picture Lighting: Shining a spotlight on your art can lend warmth and richness to texture and color throughout your home. Cast a glow on your favorite pieces with overhead picture lighting in a range of finishes, and turn it on or off in an instant with the convenience of remote controls.

Popular Wall Lighting Styles

The lighting you choose for your walls says a lot about your personal sense of style, and it can tie together a space with complementary elements and cohesive hues. Build on tradition with time-honored wall lights with antique-inspired finishes and silhouettes, or combine your love of old-world aesthetics with present-day transitional lighting for the best of both worlds. Modern wall lights offer a retro look and feel that draws inspiration from mid-century design, while contemporary wall fixtures showcase the latest and greatest lighting trends from right now – whenever "now" is. Whatever your preferences, these accents allow you to add practical warmth and illumination to your space using the aesthetics you know and love.

Style Tips for Wall Lighting:
  • Traditional Wall Lighting: Stick to the tried and true with timeless designs that never go out of style. Traditional lights lend instant elegance to your home with seeded glass shades, exposed bulbs, and intricate details.
  • Transitional Wall Lighting: Build on time-tested silhouettes with transitional styling that lives in the here and now. These sophisticated wall lights borrow from the past while incorporating today’s design influences.
  • Contemporary Wall Lighting: Stay on-trend with contemporary wall light fixtures that feature innovative themes and original aesthetics. Refresh your home with their practical LED bulbs and state-of-the-art design concepts.
  • Modern Wall Lighting: Add a sleek touch to any room of your choosing with wall lights finished in brushed nickel, chrome, or honey gold to name a few. Etched opal and frosted glass shades keep things cool and polished, while intricate crystals sparkle and shine.

Tips for Your Kitchen Wall Lights

Your kitchen is where great meals begin, so why not light it accordingly? Kitchen wall light fixtures and under cupboard lighting instantly brighten your countertops to create a well-lit workspace for your cooking endeavors. Whether you’re whipping up a family recipe, baking a cake for a special occasion, or fixing your morning coffee just how you like it, your kitchen counters see a lot of action. Illuminate them with kitchen wall lighting that’s discreet but highly effective. Under cabinet lights make your mealtime routines simpler while shining a spotlight on your kitchen décor. Browse our complete selection of kitchen wall lights for everything you need to transform your culinary workspace.

Differences between under cabinet lighting options:
  • LED under cabinet lights: These eco-friendly lighting solutions harness the power of LEDs to create energy-efficient illumination beneath kitchen cabinets. These bulbs can provide up to 50,000 hours of light (which adds up to 30 years when you use them just four hours per day!)
  • Puck under cabinet lights: These accents are perfect for recessed or surface mounted kitchen lighting solutions. Use them beneath or inside your cabinetry for pooled light wherever you need.
  • Tape rope under cabinet lights: Tape rope lights add a luminous touch beneath kitchen cabinets, and they typically come with mounting hardware for easy installation. This style is primarily used for decorative purposes.
  • Xenon Under Cabinet Lights: Another type of under cabinet lighting, incandescent Xenon fixtures enhance your kitchen workspace with dimmable light that’s warmer in hue than traditionally cool-toned LED bulbs.

Decorative Wall Lighting Tips & Tricks

The beauty of decorative wall light fixtures is that they combine warmth and ambience with one-of-a-kind style. Upgrade your space with designer wall lighting that embodies your favorite approach to décor, and use it to create cohesive transitions throughout your entire home. Add instant glamour to bedrooms, living rooms, and baths with polished gold fixtures and crystal embellishments, or keep things contemporary-chic with clean lines and LEDs. Dimmable sconces allow you to set the mood in any room while creating focal points wherever you see fit. Gussy up a guest bathroom with a hand-crafted sconce crafted with mixed metals and topped with a hardback linen drum shade, or embrace old-world charm with candelabra bulbs, solid hardwood, and hammered metal. Feeling creative? Mix and match different types of high end wall lighting to maximize a room’s visual appeal, or place them in unexpected spots (like below eye level) to draw attention to your favorite furnishings. Whether you love the cool tones of stainless steel and satin white glass or prefer the richness of bronze and brass, there’s a decorative wall lighting solution that’s perfectly suited to your home’s lighting demands and your general styling preferences.

Spruce up your interior with wall fixtures that shine a light on your personal sense of style. Our collection of modern, traditional, transitional, and contemporary designs is filled with wall lights that let you create cohesive and well-lit spaces that are true to you. Big on form and function, these decorative accents brighten rooms, illuminate workspaces, and add their own distinctive charm to any setting. Accommodate your task lighting needs with strategic swing arms, or upgrade your walls with ornate sconces that command attention. Shop our complete assortment of wall light fixtures today, and light the way to brilliant home décor!


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