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Access Lighting

Contemporary lighting can sometimes feel cold or clinical. And with innovation at its core, prices can be inaccessible.

Not here.

Access Lighting Corporation was founded nearly 20 years ago. Two men teamed up to try to find a way to make designer contemporary lighting more affordable and accessible. They felt that new designs could bring innovation. And they didn't want to leave anyone seeking to incorporate innovation into their work or living space to find that dream impossible. So they created Access Lighting Corporation.

But in order to make stylish contemporary lighting a reality for more customers, the price needed to come down. That meant building a streamlined business and creating innovation. Twenty years ago, the founders of Access Lighting Corporation thought that alternative light sources could simply be unique and affordable. Little did they know they'd be ahead of the curve with green technology.

Looking to make contemporary lighting accessible to more people, Access Lighting Corporation turned to LED, cold cathode and fluorescent lighting. Each of these technologies saves on electricity which improves energy efficiency and price. LED technology uses fewer watts while lasting longer than regular electric bulbs and providing brighter light. Fluorescent lighting also lasts longer than electric bulbs with greater efficiency and lower heat. Cold cathode technology is similar to LED lighting but uses gas instead of electricity and can withstand lower temperatures. These innovative approaches to lighting made sense to Access Lighting Corporation long before "green" technology was fashionable.

But the cutting edge is just where Access Lighting Corporation likes to be. As new technologies emerge, the company looks to be right in step with the green movement.

And they've proven that they can take these technologies and apply them to versatile contemporary design. Offering chandeliers, pendants, flush and semi-flush mounts, wall fixtures, sconces and spotlights, Access Lighting Corporation creates stunning contemporary lighting and fixtures.

The company proves that beautiful lighting can be accessible and sustainable.

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