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Quality is not just a promiseat Fine Art Lamps. It's part of the culture. The people at Fine Art Lamps believe that high quality should be expected in all aspects of a business. When it comes to each piece, quality must be exceptional, as customers have come to expect the best. One of the reasons the brand can maintain such strong quality control is that 95% off the company's products are made right here in the U.S. The designs are created from raw materials – even the shades – as opposed to buying parts and piecing them together. As an item goes through production, there are quality measures in place to ensure standards are met. During inspection points, the individual inspector signs off on a document that stays with the product until it ships. But Fine Art Lamps doesn't sacrifice a bit of style in its unending quest for quality. Design and beauty is all part of it, because the pieces are meant to last and be appreciated for years. "We pride ourselves on creating unique products for the residential and hospitality markets that coordinate with the most current style trends," said John Pugh, VP of Sales. "Our goal is to create works of art that are handed down from generation to generation." In search of the best and most original designs in the space, Fine Art Lamps asked guest designers Allison Paladino and Jonathon Browning to create pieces. The company also expanded its glass shop to be able to create more unique glass options. “The artisans of Fine Art Lamps did such a fabulous job of achieving my vision of impeccable craftsmanship through the beautiful antique silver, gold, bronze frames and the organic feel of the cut glass that looks like a natural stone," Paladino said. Fine Art Lamps continues a heritage of glass making passed down by the Blumberg family since the late Nineteenth Century. In 1940, Jack Blumberg gathered the finest designers, sculptors, and decorative artists to fulfill the vision of becoming the premier lighting company in the world. Fine Art Lamps is now the source for everyone from designers to architects to private homeowners. From the beginning, Fine Art Lamps has achieved a high artistic standard using exquisite hand applied finishes to create unique and original lighting designs of beautifully handcrafted metal, hand-blown glass and other unique materials. Winner of the ART Manufacturer of the Year Award nine times, which qualified the brand for induction in the ART Hall of Fame, Fine Art Lamps continues its mission to be a leader and an innovator in lighting. The people behind the brand believe that lighting should be a work of art.

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