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Stylish Grasscloth Wallpapers

Is grasscloth wallpaper in style? In our opinion, it's never gone out of style. Textured grasscloth provides a luxurious look in many rooms, including entryways, hallways and small areas that need a pop. We think grasscloth complements nearly any style, from tropical glam to traditional, and even modern looks.

What is Grasscloth?

  • Grasscloth wallpaper is typically made of natural fibers -- like hemp, jute, sea grass and bamboo -- on an unpasted paper backing. Most washable or prepasted options are faux grasscloth, which can give you a similar look with greater durability.
  • Grasscloth typically comes in 36-inch widths, which is wider than most wallpapers. This influences both how much you buy, and where the seams will appear. It can also be more challenging to work with when installing.
  • No two rolls of natural grasscloth wallpaper are alike! Fibers on even a single roll may vary in size and color. The horizontal pattern will never line up from sheet to sheet, creating a unique paneled effect.
  • Most natural grasscloth wallpaper is not washable. It shows watermarks if you attempt to wipe it down, or even touch it with wet hands. This makes it a bad choice for humid places (like bathrooms) or areas where walls will be touched frequently, like a mudroom.
  • Similarly, grasscloth may not be a good choice for cat lovers. Cats often are attracted to the natural fiber for scratching.
Natural grasscloth wallpapers are a challenging DIY. Consider a faux grasscloth if this is your first time wallpapering, or seek out a professional with specific experience with grasscloth installation.

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