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Brand Story

Engineering is all about how to make things stronger, more efficient and smarter. It requires careful attention to materials, construction and a fundamental understanding of the laws of physics.

Interesting and challenging, definitely. But beautiful?

That's the question Matthews Fan Company answers with every new fan it creates. With expert engineering as the starting point, the company blends styles – especially Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Modern – to create unique fans that balance art and science. The fans are unmistakable, surprising and expertly built for a look that is both signature and completely surprising.

The designs at Matthews Fan Company blend a machine age aesthetic by using expert metalwork. Whether it's a bronze frame, sleek aviation-style blades or exposed ball bearings, the craftsmanship comes through in every fan. Each well-constructed piece is a nod toward the way in which it was made.

But these aren't rigid, mechanical pieces built for function alone. It's important that each fan also have an organic feel. Design inspiration comes from nature and natural shapes that echo leaves and drops of water. This elemental feel permeates the Matthews Fan Company offering.

Movement is the third design component that's clear in every fan. Whether that means sculpted blades or a nod toward aviation, the sense of air in motion is never far from the look of a Matthews Fan Company product. Together, these influences create a balance in the design of every fan.

Most importantly, Matthews Fan Company fans are designed for balanced living. Made for indoor and outdoor use, the products mean that any domestic or corporate space can be defined not by walls but by choice.

None of that would be possible without a firm commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. That's why each product is inspected by hand before shipment.

With a look back to the machine age and a look ahead to the best design innovation, Matthews Fan Company is remarkable inside and out.

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