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Brand Story

Living doesn't just happen indoors.

No one knows that better than Oxford Garden. A leader in creating outdoor living spaces for commercial and residential spaces for 20 years, Oxford Garden sees outdoor spaces as places where families gather, birthdays are celebrated and summer evenings are whiled away. They're spaces where friends and families come together with the stars for a ceiling. Outdoor spaces are special.

That's why Oxford Garden works so hard to make each one of its furniture pieces unique, well crafted and affordable and why its furniture can be found in hotels, resorts and restaurants around the world.

It starts with an exceptional choice of materials. Oxford Garden sources shorea, acacia and teak – seeking out the world's best sources for durable, reliable wood that can stand tough weather, everyday use and the passage of time. Designs always include attention to detail, with careful construction to bring out the wood's grain. The aluminum pieces provide modern contrast and the resin wicker collection has garnered awards for its style.

Craftsmanship is also key. Furniture isn't just about how it looks, but about how it feels and how it lasts. Each piece of Oxford Garden furniture is carefully engineered and constructed for durability. Wood slats are cut thicker and wider than they are by most seating providers to ensure a lasting product and one that is comfortable. With ergonomic designs, Oxford Garden builds its seating not just to look good, but to feel good. And since the product is made to be used outdoors, the designers and engineers at Oxford Garden have created leg endcaps to prevent scratches. They've also chosen wood that naturally ages to a light faded gray for an inviting, homey look.

Part of craftsmanship and building today is keeping an eye on its impact on our planet. With chemical-free and energy conscious production, Oxford Garden is proud to be eco-friendly. From careful, thoughtful sourcing that reduces waste to construction that doesn't release harmful chemicals into the environment, every step of production is mindful of the environmental impact.

Affordability is also a key priority at Oxford Garden. That's why designers have chosen shorea wood, a more abundantly available but equally beautiful alternative to teak. With the same resistance to decay, shorea is as durable as it is attractive and is just one of the wood options available in the broad selection offered by Oxford Garden.

And Oxford Garden knows that the most important component of its business is customer satisfaction. Each product is dry-fitted before it is packed and shipped to ensure that at-home assembly is easy for customers. Each product goes through multiple quality checkpoints before it can be shipped. If a piece doesn't meet standards, it doesn't go out. Still, most orders ship within 72 hours.

With an eye on customer satisfaction from sourcing to design to shipping, Oxford Garden works hard to ensure that outdoor living feels just like being at home.

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