10 Easy Bathroom Updates to Impress Guests

10 Easy Bathroom Updates to Impress Your Guests

10 Easy Tips to Update Bathroom for Guests

Getting your place spruced up for your next dinner party? Your living room and dining areas may be dusted, organized, and decorated to perfection, but let’s not forget your bathrooms. With a couple nifty updates, your revamped bathroom can add to the welcoming atmosphere you want to create for the next guests you host.

Tip 1 - Lighting

Impressive Bathroom Lighting Fixtures

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Don’t underestimate the power of amazing lighting. When done well, it defines the mood and ambiance you want to create. Don’t know what kind to choose? Use a fixture that’s versatile and and goes with everything. Your guests are sure to appreciate a well-lit bathroom that makes touching up makeup a breeze.

Tip 2 - Baskets

Bathroom Baskets for Storage Solutions

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Decorative baskets for tissues and magazines can really pull the look of your bathroom together. It elevates your bathroom from bachelor’s to adult’s. Gone are the days of piled up magazines on the back of your toilet and bath tissues hastily wedged under your sink!

Tip 3 - Towels

Blue Bath Towels for Your Guests

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If you have a color theme for your bathroom, a towel set is a great way to highlight it. Drape a matching set over your towel bar to give a fresh look that matches or plays off of other colors in your bathroom.

Tip 4 - Plants

Shower Plants for Bathroom Update

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“Shower plants” are currently one of the trendiest home décor must-haves these days. However, the upkeep of fresh greenery can be demanding and expensive. The best alternative- faux florals, D&W Silks offers a variety of quality silk trees, foliage, greenery, and floral arrangements that will add a fresh, maintenance-free perspective to your powder-room.

Tip 5 - Curtains

Shower Curtains for Bathroom Update

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There’s another way to add color and personality to your bathroom without hanging up more art. Use curtains. This could be in place of or in addition to blinds. Also consider shower curtains. With an endless variety to choose from, you can upgrade to a bright and punchy curtain for a fun, statement-making twist, or a beautiful neutral that enhances and brings out the beauty of your decor. If your shower can use shower curtains, get a beautiful or fun set of shower rings to give your bathroom an extra special touch.

Tip 6 - Bath Mat

Complete Bathroom Update with Bath Mats

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No bathroom is complete without a bath mat or rug, whether you have guests or not. Eliminate falls with a mat that will absorb the water or have a place for it to pool. A wooden mat will aerate itself while a cotton or polyester rug will be soft to step on.

Tip 7 - Robe Hooks

Hooks for Bath Robes & Towels

Image Courtesy of Twelve on Main

Bathroom wall hooks make it a breeze to organize in style and are extremely versatile. You can hang up your bathrobes or extra towels, and your guests can hang their purses or jackets while using the bathroom.

Tip 8 - Linen Towers

Designer Linen Towers, Cabinets & Over-the-Toilet Racks

Image Courtesy of Her Heart & Home

Linen towers and cabinets are a godsend for organizational and aesthetic reasons. It makes your bathroom look put-together while adding style, space, and functionality. If you don’t have space for one, over-the-toilet racks are a great alternative.

Tip 9 - Harmonize Your Countertop

Countertop Decor Accessories for Bathrooms

Image Courtesy of Marcus Design

Adding decor to your countertop that are beautiful and help with organization creates a spa like environment. Small things such as matching your soap dish or dispenser to your decor is an effective way to harmonize your countertop. You can even add something like a small lamp, if there is room to make your bathroom pop.

Tip 10 - Mirrors

Bathroom Update with Mirrors for Every Style

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Mirrors, weather large or small put a thoughtful finishing touch in your bathroom that any of your friends will appreciate. If you have a builder grade frameless mirror, frame it yourself or upgrade to a framed one to blend in with the overall theme of your bathroom. If you want to go the extra mile, add a small vanity make-up mirror.

It’s all too easy to overlook your bathroom decor, but let’s not forget that when you’re hosting, it also receives its fair share of visitors. With a couple upgrades, you can make your bathroom a joy for your guests to use without doing an expensive remodel or overhaul. It’s simply another space to show off the style you’ve incorporated through the rest of your house–why not make your bathroom uniquely yours as well?

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