How to Achieve Total Hygge Style at Home

How to Achieve Total Hygge Style at Home

Achieve Hygge Style Decor with These Easy Steps

Scandinavians certainly know how to live life to the fullest. After all, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland are consistently some of the happiest countries out there according to the UN’s World Happiness Report. And while their enviable work-life balance and five-week-long annual vacations likely play a big part in their overall wellbeing, we happen to think their love affair with hygge is equally responsible. Pronounced “HUE-gah,” this Danish term is all about filling each day with plenty of creature comforts. (Think lounging around the house in your coziest pajamas while drinking coffee from your favorite mug.)

Hygge is always right now. No matter how long it trends. At its deepest level, it’s living in the moment. Given its origin in Danish culture, this notion naturally lends itself to coziness, warmth, closeness, candles, sweaters, sweatpants, and everything that makes people feel warm and content in the moment – in rain, snow, or shine.

Encircling the Senses with Hygge Style

Since it’s easiest to live in the ‘now’ at home – when you are most contently vulnerable – hygge is built for the home. If done right, hygge will help you encircle the senses to create a holistic sense of atmosphere. (Picture a swaddling blanket of your favorite, cozy things.)

Create a Holistic Sense with Hygge Style Rugs & Blankets

Touch is your softest blanket beside a wood burning hearth. Smell is the scented candle burning mixed with your family pot roast cooking in the oven. Sound is simple ambiance – the silence of home – or perhaps the sound of crackling embers. And sight, of course, is your lighting at the intersection of candles, natural lighting and electric lighting.

Engaging Touch with Hygge – Rugs, Throws & Furniture

Plush area rugs are an easy (and stylish) way to keep the luxurious comfort of hygge right at your feet. Choose high-pile designs, shag rugs, and faux-fur accents for indulgent softness with each and every step. Look for lined rugs for extra grip to prevent slipping and sliding, and be sure to check out our “Rug Buying Guide” for helpful advice and visual inspiration.

Throws, Rugs & Pillows for Hygge Style Decor

The comfort certainly doesn’t stop there. Is there anything better than relaxing on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a cozy throw? Make the most of those lazy weekends by keeping super-soft throws and blankets right within reach. These tactile accents add color and texture to sofas, loveseats, and recliners, and they keep you warm while you binge-watch your favorite TV shows.

Living Room Sofa with Throws

Of course, you can’t reach total comfort without a proper seat or sofa. Seating areas are naturally all about comfort, but hygge takes them to a decadent new level by making couches, chairs, and loveseats more functional and relaxing for you and your guests. From easy-to-access blankets and pillows to decorative plants and handy side tables, creating a serene gathering spot is all about the details.

Engaging Sight with Hygge – Lighting

The art of hygge isn’t limited to touch. In fact, this design approach extends to all the senses for a cozy atmosphere all-around. One of the most essential components of hygge is incorporating mood lighting into your home decor. From exposed candelabra bulbs to lanterns and sconces, hygge fixtures are all about harnessing the timeless beauty of pillar candles. These accents may have a reputation for looking quaint or rustic, but their styling versatility knows no bounds. Fireplaces give you and your guests a warm hug, while natural light enhances any space with soft radiance and illumination.

From a technical standpoint, hygge-approved lighting will be in the 2000K-3000K range on the Kelvin scale; the measurement of light color temperature. From the other end of the tracks, Lumens will help you measure light intensity. One candle roughly equals 12 Lumens, so to get soft, warm light, you can extrapolate Kelvin and Lumen outputs in a hygge-worthy fixture to emulate truly natural light in a cozy setting.

Hygge Fixtures for Mood Lighting

Candelabras, Candle Sconces & Lanterns

Create a hygge-themed environment in an instant by adding candelabras, candle sconces, and lanterns throughout the interior and exterior of your home. From basic pillar candles perched atop black or antique gold candlestick holders to wall-mounted sconces and lantern sets, these designs give corners, side tables, and mantels a flicker of warmth and a nod to old-world style. Look for striking combinations of metal, wood, and glass for an uncomplicated presentation that works with any aesthetic.

Hygge Worthy Chandeliers & Pendants

Hygge lighting can also take center stage with eye-catching chandeliers and pendants. (We even included Hygge inspired chandeliers in our “8 Chandelier Trends for 2018” post earlier this year!) Go for a rustic touch with a unique antler chandelier topped with realistic cream-colored drip candle covers, or keep things simple but visually interesting with a black metal chandelier crafted with swirled arms and stylized candle fixtures instead. From Western pieces with leather straps and buckles to chic iron frames, these designs are all unified by their incorporation of candelabra bulbs. Whether fully exposed or nestled behind clear seedy glass hurricane shades, vintage-inspired lights are always in style.

Hygge Worthy Lodge Chandeliers

A Hearty Hearth

If hygge was an element, one could argue it might just be fire; but a peaceful, contained, welcoming, life-sustaining hearth fire. While it’s ideal to have real fire for hygge, not every house will be so accommodating.

This earthy accent puts the colorful beauty of dancing flames on display and instantly makes any room feel more homey. Traditional wooden designs are timeless options that keep the effect down to earth, while electric fireplaces with sleek black frames and tempered glass windscreens offer a more contemporary look and feel. Try an elongated three-sided style for indoor or outdoor settings, or opt for a wall-mounted fireplace for a decorative finishing touch that better accommodates smaller rooms and apartments.

Cozy Fireplace Set Up for Hygge Style

Natural Light & Hygge

While sunshine may not always be forthcoming in the colder months, natural light can add a lot of warmth to your surroundings. Bare windows allow light to stream inside and brighten your favorite seating areas or workspaces with ease. Even the slightest kiss of sunlight creates an inviting setting in foyers and hallways, and it makes guests feel instantly welcome.

Natural Light for Hygge Style Home Lighting

Engaging the Heart with Hygge

Home is where the heart is, and hygge-inspired décor helps you better connect with the ones you hold near and dear. It’s the familiar gathering spot where you and your family open gifts on Christmas morning. It’s the kitchen island you gather around while cooking dinner and rehashing the details on your day. Hygge is more than a style; it’s a sanctuary where everyday moments become cherished memories. Whether you’re playing host to large gatherings of family and friends or spending quality time with your closest loved ones, hygge does its part to make these treasured moments all the more magical.

Capture Cherished Memories & Treasured Moments

Entertaining, you guessed it, the hygge way

The beauty of hygge lies in its simplicity. There’s an undeniable peace of mind that comes with feeling at home, and hygge captures that feeling with its understated efficiency. This styling approach is especially helpful for entertaining, as it makes company feel more welcome and comfortable in an instant. From intimate seating arrangements and inclusive dining room tables to conversation pieces and ambient light, these harmonious elements help bridge the gap between you and your guests. Hygge helps you build an uncluttered and streamlined space that’s equipped with all the essentials, so it’s a dream come true for hostesses and house guests alike.

More than Style, A Way of Life

Hygge design proves once and for all that a life of luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The secret to comfortable living is found in the little things: a plush pillow, warm sunlight, a cozy reading nook, or your favorite canine pal snuggling up next to you on the couch. Start enjoying the good life by adopting this Danish philosophy for yourself, and experience firsthand why the Scandinavians are the happiest people on the planet.

Since hygge is all about unabashedly enjoying life’s many simple pleasures, friends, family, laughter; anything else in your fondest relationships that gives you the warm-and-fuzzies needs plenty of room to grow and blossom in a hygge home.

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