How To Choose A Pendant Size

How To Choose A Pendant Size For Your Home

Pendants of Different Sizes

Looking for a new pendant light but not sure what style to choose? We’re sharing some insight into which pendant sizes suit various spots throughout your home.

Choosing a Pendant Light

When choosing a pendant for your lighting needs, it helps to consider its size, shape, material, functionality, and overall style. Pendants come in several different sizes and shapes to suit your preferences and provide balance to any space. From gently curved bells, urns, and schoolhouse pendants to linear island pendants and open lanterns, there are plenty of options. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to keep the pendant in proportion with the area you’re lighting (e.g., small pendants work best in small spaces). Some areas of your home may also require special functionality in the form of adjustable heights or directional downlight (think kitchen prep areas and reading nooks), while others are more about decorative statements (think entryways).

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Types of Pendant Lights

At Bellacor, we carry several different types of pendant lights. Shop any of the categories below for our most popular types of pendants:

Where to Hang Mini Pendants

Small in size but big in charm, mini pendants are best suited for similarly small spaces. Hang them over side tables, use them to brighten up dark corners, or group them together for a bolder, brighter look. Mini urns and bell-shaped pendants look especially chic in a walk-in closet or powder room, while schoolhouse pendants are a classic choice over kitchen prep areas and islands. Mini stem pendants are particularly great at illuminating challenging spaces that are oddly shaped. Adjust them vertically or horizontally to fit narrow or wide areas as you please.

Where to Hang Mid-Size Pendants

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with mid-size pendant lights. These designs are big enough to illuminate a broad space without overwhelming a small one, and they’re one of the most versatile lighting options for any home. Bowl pendants are a timeless choice for overhead lighting thanks to their unique ability to diffuse light, and they’re especially well-suited for dining rooms. Globes are another versatile option and add a soft touch to living rooms and bedrooms alike. If you’re searching for a pendant light for a vaulted ceiling, give a contemporary lantern a try. These pieces feature open silhouettes that help keep any room looking streamlined.

Where to Hang Oversized Pendants

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping statement piece or need ambient light for a large, open space, oversized chandeliers are an excellent option. These timeless designs range in style from glitzy crystal dazzlers and retro Sputnik-inspired designs to more contemporary drums and lanterns. Linear kitchen island pendants are obviously ideal for long islands and bars, but they work equally well over billiards tables and lengthy rectangular dining room tables.

Which Pendant Style is Right for You?

Ultimately, the best pendant light for you depends on the area you’re placing it in and your personal sense of style. For small areas like closets, powder rooms, hallways, and corners consider utilizing mini pendants. Large, open floor plans are oftentimes best served by oversized chandeliers, while mid-size pendants can offer balance in smaller living rooms, dining rooms, and entryways. Still, there are many ways to inject your personality into your choice of pendant light. Consider staggering them at different heights over a kitchen island, or play with unique shades made of hand-blown glass or wicker. We even carry clustered pendants that are perfectly staggered for you.

Pendant Lighting FAQs

Q: How are pendant lights different than chandeliers?

A: The primary difference between chandeliers and pendant lights is how they’re suspended. Chandeliers are held up by multiple chains, rods, cords, or stems, while pendants hang from a single source instead. Generally speaking, these two lighting types differ in how they’re used, as well. Chandeliers are traditionally known for their ornate, decorative flair and ambient light, whereas pendants—while just as decorative—are typically more functional and task-oriented.

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Q: Where are some creative places to hang pendant lights?

A: Pendant lights are incredibly versatile and work in a wide range of places throughout the home. Try hanging them over the bathroom sink, a bedside table, or your favorite reading nook. They can also work well in the laundry room, hallways, and home offices.

Q: What are some popular pendant lighting trends?

A: Looking for some fresh pendant light styles to brighten up a particular room? This year’s trends center on clear glass shades, two-tone globe pendants, and wicker designs. Geometric pendants with open frames and clean lines remain a popular choice, as well.

Whatever pendant you choose, these versatile lights are sure to add style and character to your home. Browse our complete collection of pendants for the latest and greatest designs for 2020.