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Rustic Lodge Mirrors

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Ideas for choosing the best rustic mirrors for your unique style
Rustic mirrors are perfect for homes with mountain, log home, and camp inspired design. The natural motifs with leaves, twigs, bears, birds, and fish can fit right into a rustic space. For rustic wall mirrors without a particular motif, many of the designs and materials will work for a large variety of styles. You will find mirrors with unrefined materials and some nice texture playing out across the frame. Traditional, transitional, and rustic modern spaces will fit well with these mirror designs. Many of which incorporate the natural state of the particular material and finish.

Where rustic mirrors look best in your home
Rustic mirrors can be placed in a variety of rooms in the home. If the frames are hardy enough for wet applications, there are many rustic mirrors for bathrooms. Stag horn frames, a moose mirror, birch bark frames, and reclaimed wood all fit well in this particular design. Over a table in the front entry, at the end of a hallway, or in the main living room are all great places for rustic mirrors. If your home is not entirely rustic style, you might choose a single room, like a family or game room to concentrate on this design type, begin incorporating it with a well placed rustic wood mirror.

What to look for in the best rustic mirrors
A rustic wall mirror will often celebrate both material and motif. If you know your style tends to evolve over time, decorate with materials in mind first. A rustic mirror with unfinished or reclaimed wood is an attractive choice for any home in this style. You might choose a rustic bathroom mirror with silvered antlers as it might be a perfect fit that can also transition into other styles as you grow your tastes. Additionally, if you know this is the style that you love, find a motif (flora or fauna) that captivates you and incorporate it into your space with a rustic mirror.

Q: What taste or style do rustic lodge mirrors match?

A: If you love log home style, mountain lodge style, or anything with a rustic vernacular, a search for rustic lodge mirrors will give you a variety of styles that work for your home. Woodland animals, natural wood and stone, plaid fabrics, and soft leather are signature motifs and materials for this style.
Q: Aside from animal features, what other stylistic characteristics are "rustic lodge"?

A: Stylistically, rustic lodge will have natural motifs, including pine cones, branches, and leaf designs. Materials for rustic lodge mirrors also lean toward natural finishes; you will find metal, wood, and stone. In some cases, materials rather than motifs are the primary focus of the design. For unique materials, look for copper or slate frames.
Q: What are popular shapes for rustic lodge mirrors?

A: Popular shapes are square and round for rustic lodge mirrors. You will also find rectangular and oval shapes. Because this style has vivid and unique motifs, you will find a few surprising and unconventional forms as well. This might include a mirror in the shape of an animal or includes unique materials for the frame.
Q: What are popular finishes and frames for rustic lodge mirrors?

A: The key to finishes and frames in rustic lodge mirrors is having a natural motif. This might include woodland flora and fauna incorporated into the frame’s design. It would also include materials such as natural or weathered wood, leather, slate, copper, or aged metal.
Q: Can rustic lodge mirrors work with other styles?

A: Rustic lodge mirrors are a great choice for people who gravitate toward a natural or unfinished look. This will include a transitional or eclectic space, as well as a modern rustic style. You will also find a few gems in rustic lodge mirrors that are perfect for a traditional home.


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