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Brand Story

"We are the exact opposite of what you expect a lighting company to be," explains the Varaluz team. Handcrafted and made from eco-friendly materials, Varaluz Lighting products are making waves in the lighting industry. The brand is a firm believer that handcrafted, eco-friendly pieces result in the most beautiful, long-lasting light fixtures.

Founder Ron Henderson merges an eclectic aesthetic with his aerospace background, resulting in a look that is uniquely Varaluz. His process is simple; each fixture is rendered by Ron in Varaluz's Las Vegas headquarters and then hand-forged and finished by a craftsman in the Philippines. The result? Sophisticated and stylish fixtures with high-quality construction.

Varaluz's hardworking artistic team is continually developing new and innovative ways to use recycled, reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials in each and every one of its fixtures. In fact, every Varaluz piece is made from at least 70% recycled content, making them both sensible and timeless. Natural materials include but are not limited to shells, banana leaves, sea creatures, reclaimed glass and metals. The unexpected pairings of materials result in beautiful, whimsical pieces that are designed to withstand the test of time.

Pieces are so detailed that many fixtures require hundreds of hours of hand-labor to complete. Each piece is show stopping in its own right and showcases texture, individuality and the time that comes with handcrafting. Inspired by nature or found materials, Varaluz often shares behind-the-scenes images of its work with fans of the brand – and whether it's a slew of beer bottles being made into a chandelier or reclaimed steel being constructed into a pendant, the results are sure to turn heads.

Whether it's a residential space or a commercial/hospitality setting, Varaluz styles lend a fresh look to any décor style. Discover its up-to-the-minute collections and watch your perspective on lighting change.

Handcrafted, eco-friendly, and always inspired. That's the Varaluz standard.

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