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1,573 Results

Candles without Shades Advice & Info

Ideas for choosing the right candles without shades chandeliers for your unique style

Evoke rustic charm with vintage chandeliers as the focal point of your home décor. Whether you like a balanced, no frills construction or more intricate and eye-catching detailing, these unique styles assure there’s always something to suit any space in your home. Opt for exquisite candles without shades chandeliers boasting distressed finishes, metal scrollwork, polished chrome finish, wrought iron finish, basket-style and crystal clad strands reflecting a traditional, aristocratic feel. Transitional spaces shine with European enthused themes, multi-tier canopies, oxidized finishes, old iron with wood blend and other designs that inspire a melding of the old with the new. Lovers of old world charm will admire the craftsmanship of intricately detailed chandeliers with crystal drops, majestically built wooden frames, pristine ivory and ornamental designs.

Where candles without shades chandeliers work best in your home

Our candles without shades chandeliers come in several styles and designs. You can never really run out of ideas for styling any room in your home! Install them in the dining room for a beautiful accent to the décor, or brightening up your kitchen island by infusing cheer into casual get-togethers with a stunning chandelier. If your bedroom’s décor scheme is inspired by old time charm, a chandelier can heighten the effect with a countryside feel. Place them in the library, dining room or foyer and watch the space transform instantly.

What to look for in the best candles without shades chandeliers

Consider the style you want from traditional to old world and from transitional to contemporary. Give thought to the metallic tones and hues that will complement the decor and the number of lights you want in your chandelier. If chandeliers with sparkling crystals are your favored choice, go for an ornamental chandelier to bedazzle the onlooker. Chandeliers featuring candles without shades are available in a choice of incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. More versatile designs feature rods that you can help you rearrange how light pools and plays to create the effect you desire. We also have chandeliers that you can use in covered outdoor areas. It all starts with your unique vision and taste and from there, we're happy to light the way.

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