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Designer Lighting

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Designer Lighting FixturesDesigner Lighting Fixtures

Creating Inspiration and Ambiance with Designer Lighting
When you gaze up in your home, what do you see? If you can envision luxury lighting, hopefully you see a world of potential. Designer lighting adds luxury and ambiance in broad and fine strokes of unrivaled brilliance. Transforming your home one room at a time with luxury lighting will not only create a sense of opulence, it will reshape the overall feel of your entire household. Driven by artistry and fascinated with form, our curated selection of luxury lighting draws exclusively from brands that strive for perfection, craftsmanship and innovation. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the finer details of designer lighting here. Learn more about the finer details of luxury lighting and explore brands that have spent their time carefully honing their passions to create stunning designer lighting for every walk of life.

By Style & Taste

While crystal chandeliers come first to mind, with the rise of Pinterest and HGTV, a diverse tapestry of creative inspiration has helped push designer lighting into almost every style of lighting design. From traditional and transitional to contemporary and modern notes of inspiration, designer lighting has infused with virtually every design aesthetic to create a growing number of conversation starters in the expanding universe of luxury lighting. From traditional and transitional to contemporary and modern, you'll find touches of style for every look.

Across chandeliers, pendants, table lamps and more, designer lighting has cozied up and found a home. Within the world of more traditional tastes, high end lighting has made its impression felt with ornate details coming to fruition amid darker, classic color palettes and finishes. Where the past fuses with the present, designer lighting has also left an indelible mark on transitional styles, gracing the viewer with a sense of wonderment and imaginative design stretching from simple elegance to otherworldly designs. Since modern and contemporary styles are generally more austere than their traditional or transitional counterparts, luxury lighting has come into sharp focus in these spaces where "wow" pieces drive the aesthetic. When less is more, designer lighting plays a leading role to fill large, open spaces with statement pieces that speak volumes. Note above how muted tones and color pallets leave nothing to be desired when carefully placed in strategic points of interest throughout the home.

Designer Lamps

Task Lighting Ideas with Luxury Lamps
Outside of style, designer lighting continues to assume a profusion of forms. From designer table lamps to luxury floor lamps, your task lighting can easily break the mold to create dramatic points of visual interest throughout key touchpoints in your home. Luxury lamps run the gamut across every style, effortlessly adding elegance and charm to each room.

What once was a simple utilitarian light fixture is now a work of art! Luxury table lamps will not only help you perform tasks or read your favorite books; they will draw attention to the finer details of your style and uplift the feel of your favorite nooks and common areas. With different shades to play with – or no shades at all for that matter – there's no limit to what you can accomplish with designer table lamps at your side.

Designer Floor Lamps

Make a statement
Every home is vastly enhanced with layers of light at play - from ambient lighting to task lighting. Designer floor lamps help fill the "spaces between" by opening up options for different tiers of illumination with the simple flip of a switch or turn of a knob. Like other designer lights, luxury floor lamps can also become hallmarks of your distinct style, working to tie together other decor elements throughout your home.

Adorned with shades of all sizes and colors, designer floor lamps combine the finer points of style with utility, adding panache to key functional household lighting fixtures. Choose between fine, nearly vanishing lines and minimalistic silhouettes. Or go big with dramatic lamp bases adorned with ornate details and verbose accoutrements for an ideal balance of elegance and lavishness.

Luxury Chandeliers

Especially in recent years, luxury chandeliers have found a home in more than just dining rooms and grand entrances. Think designer island pendants over kitchen islands, luxury pendants over accent tables or in walk-in closets, or even designer chandeliers over a master bed. The more creative freedom you give yourself, the more you begin to see the expansive application of these stunning light features.

From cylinder chandeliers and luxury globe chandeliers to high end linear chandeliers with classic chandelier candelabra motifs, you'll easily capture the elegance of upscale chandeliers for every scale and style.

Designer Pendant Lights

Luxury pendant lighting has taken great strides to present a diverse array of form, finishes and aesthetics. With large and small lighting fixtures to accommodate countless spaces and needs, you'll find potential applications for designer pendant lights throughout your home, even in unexpected places like above nightstands, in walk-in closets, or over accent tables in common areas.

Where there's a need for designer lighting, pendants have created a solution. Note the diverse styles just in what's presented here! The deeper you dig into our selection, the more you will find this is just a miniscule representation of our entire breadth of options.

Finding your muse with luxury lighting
Still looking for advice and info on how to live in the lap of luxury? For many more style tricks and designer tips, visit our blog.

Where creative minds, designer lighting brands and advancements in technology coalesce, you'll continue to see improvements in designer lighting across new and imaginative spaces. From indoor to outdoor and everywhere between, we live in an era where the sky is the limit for designer lighting. We encourage you to visit here often to see what designer brands we add to our collection for new and exciting looks!