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Cultured. Cosmopolitan. Contemporary. ET2 Contemporary Lighting collections blend luxurious finishes, smooth surfaces and bold angles with creative shapes and forms, transforming simple rooms into something amazing. Intelligent design and sophisticated style meet with "translucent crystals, sculpted glass, fluid chrome and powerful lamps." From the eccentric to the refined, ET2 Lighting defines each room with grace and makes a statement. Each collection embraces advanced technology and a forward-thinking style that is made accessible and achievable in illumination. Founded in 2004, Maxim Lighting added ET2 Contemporary Lighting™ to its family to address today's lighting buyer desires and to complement Maxim Lighting’s more traditional designs. The initial ET2 line embodied the principles of fine art with elements of form, function and aesthetics. Maxim Lighting’s top market is still traditional lighting, but ET2 designs have been well received in the industry, leading to a new focus on commercial and hospitality lighting. These newer looks meet a sophisticated and growing demand for unique, innovative lighting. Clean lines and sleek finishes elevate the impact of each design, creating a fresh, forward-thinking atmosphere. ET2 doesn't just make contemporary lighting though. It also makes decisions about how to build products that are easy to install in the home. Its "RapidJack®" pendants are available with single, triple or quadruple Xenon light sources and require no wire, which provides a hassle free installation. These pendants have such a variety of styles, shapes and practical uses; you could find one to fit any room in your home. This, along with major advances in LED designs places ET2 at the forefront of the industry, where it plans to stay.

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