Designing with Black and White Decor

Designing with Black & White Décor: 12 Takes on This Timeless Color Combination

Black & White Decor Styles for Every Room

We’ve heard it said that every room can use a touch of black – and black and white décor is one of the best ways to make this rule work throughout your entire house. Chic, classy, and totally eye-catching, these contrasting hues unite to make a bold statement that works well in any setting. We’re showing you how to help ebony and ivory effortlessly harmonize in each and every room in your home.

1 | Black and white = form and function.

One of the biggest contemporary trends in interior design is a return to minimalism, and this is especially true when it comes to home furnishings and décor. Just like bestselling author Marie Kondo encourages her readers to part ways with anything that doesn’t spark joy, it’s a good idea to decorate your space using the same critical eye. Pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional enhance your home all-around, and they help you stay organized in style.

Roommates Decor Chalkboard Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Pro Tip: Peel and stick a chalkboard anywhere, try a kitchen organizer with utensil hooks and a conversion chart, cool off with a ceiling fan that boasts wild form and typical function, or help something grow with a clever chalkboard planter box.

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VIP International Wood Conversion Chart
Bloom White Ceiling Fan with Black and Clear Blades
White Planter Box with Black Chalkboard

2 | Organize in style with black & white storage.

When it comes to keeping your house tidy and clean, storage solutions are an absolute must-have – but they’re not always the prettiest things to look at. Black and white organizers like bins, tins, baskets, and trunks are a great way to sort things out without sacrificing style. These designs work well in a variety of settings, and they create a cohesive presentation throughout your home.

Organize in Style with Black & White Storage Bags

Pro Tip: Try using different shades of white depending on the mood you’d like each room to convey. True whites offer a cooler effect, while shades of eggshell and ivory add warmth.

3 | Try black and white wallpaper print.

Looking for the perfect backdrop for your wooden furnishings and earthy décor? Trying to balance a bright focal point instead? Look no further than black and white wallpaper. These printed designs make any space pop in the most timeless of ways, and there are countless options to tailor the look to your personal sense of style. Whether you love tropical leaves, checkered stripes, or dainty botanicals, these prints breathe new life into any room.

Surprisingly enough, graphic wallpaper can also work wonders in smaller spaces like entryways, powder rooms, and guest bathrooms. In fact, diagonal and vertical stripes can visually elongate the walls and make these cramped areas look and feel more open as a result. Check out “Pop Goes the Wall! Using Wallpaper to Give Rooms a Style Boost” for more design inspiration.

Pro Tip: Unsure of which print to choose? Order a swatch, or play it safe with removable wallpaper designs.

4 | Experiment with black and white throw pillows.

Throw pillows in classic white and white designs are the perfect way to add a graphic touch to a bedroom or seating area. They work with any solid color palette, and they’re a smart way to play around with prints without worrying about going overboard.

Ethiopia Morocco Onyx Black and Ivory Cozy Throw Pillow

Pro Tip: Feel free to mix and match different black and white pillows, but try to keep their surroundings simple. Doing so lets the prints enhance the space without overwhelming it altogether. Unsure of which patterns to pair? Large prints look best with small prints (and vice versa).

5 | Pull a room together with a black and white area rug.

Whatever your preferred color palette, a printed black and white area rug pulls everything together in an instant. From black crosses to geometric shapes and animal prints, there are so many ways to make a dynamic statement with these designs.

Abstract Tiles Black and White Rectangular Rugs

Pro Tip: A black and white area rug is especially ideal for minimalistic rooms and can help unite disparate elements.

6 | Place greenery in black and white vases.

Fans of black and white décor know that the color green is its perfect match. That’s why black and white vases are such an ideal choice for showcasing plants throughout your home. Pair a prickly cactus with a bold black and white vase for a side table statement, or use black and white pottery to house ferns and potted plants. You can use these patterned vases to flaunt bright wildflowers or faux florals for eye-catching color pops, as well.

Black and White Oval Vases with Geometric Design

Pro Tip: Perplexed by gardening? Check out “Go Green for Spring: Top 10 Indoor Plants” to bring the natural beauty of the great outdoors inside for a change with our favorite low-maintenance houseplants.

7 | Fill a bare space with a black and white plant stand.

Likewise, planters are a great way to combine black and white décor with fresh plants and flowers. Try a medley of marbled ceramic planters, add a plant stand to a bare corner, or use mounted planters to sprout the indoor herb garden of your dreams.

Enamel Pot Wall Planter for Bare Space

Pro Tip: Love natural accents? Then you’ll love wabi-sabi (one of the biggest trends of 2018). Read “Wabi-Sabi: Guide to Imperfection” for an overview of this Japanese aesthetic with Buddhist roots.

8 | Enhance your walls with black and white artwork.

Black and white paintings, wall tapestries, photographs, and gallery wall arrangements are all great ways to divide up a large space or an open floor plan. These designs go with anything and everything, and they can beautifully enhance neutral surroundings. Place them in an industrial loft for a striking complement to black iron and weathered wood, or add them to a rustic space for an effortlessly chic upgrade.

Pro Tip: Black and white wall art can add some serious drama to bare hallways and foyers, but it can also balance a particularly colorful space. Try using metallic frames to help black and white pieces meld with various color palettes.

9 | Read the fine print with black and white signs.

The decorative writing’s on the wall… quite literally. Add some charm to any room with the help of black and white wall signs. These accents can transform a kitchen corner into a barista-approved coffee station or make the laundry room a tad more exciting.

Enjoy the Little Things Black & White Wood Sign

Pro Tip: The timeless simplicity of black and white signs can match any place or time, depending on the type font used, the level of degradation or distressed material, etc.

10 | Make a splash – a backsplash – with black and white tiles.

Another great way to decorate your home with black and white décor? Using checkered tiles. These chic backsplashes are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms alike, and they’re versatile enough to suit anyone’s preferred aesthetic. Try a glossy white tile accented with little black dots, or go bold with an eye-catching series of bright whites, rich blacks, and smoky charcoal grays.

Black and White Tiles & Backsplashes

Pro Tip: Need a quick fix for a bare space? Create your own designer backsplash without spending a fortune. Our assortment of StickTILES from RoomMates Décor is a fast, fun, and affordable option that yields stylish results in a flash. StickTILES look and feel like genuine tiles — and the application couldn’t be easier. Just peel and stick your favorite design to any flat surface without the need for cement or grout. You can even apply them over existing glass or ceramic tiles. Learn “How to Revamp Your Kitchen for Under 100 Bucks” for other budget-friendly ways to make a big impact.

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White Arabesque StickTiles Roommates Decor
Black and White Mosaic StickTiles for Kitchen
Black and White Patterned Diamond StickTiles

11 | Redo your bedroom with black and white accents.

Who doesn’t love the look of crisp white bed linens, right? White sheets are eternally chic, but they can also feel a bit boring. Liven things up with black and white accents like striped bed skirts, a colorblocked throw, gingham checks, or polka dot throw pillows.

These versatile designs are a great way to balance colorful bedding, as well. Ideal for kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, and glamorous boudoirs alike, black and white prints accommodate seasonal color palettes to work year-round.

Black and White Throw Pillows for Bedroom Decor

Pro Tip: Feeling frustrated by your eggshell walls or just generally limited as a renter? Learn “How to Decorate A Space with White Walls” and create a home interior you’re sure to love.

12 | Incorporate black and white odds and ends.

Sometimes, making a big statement means paying attention to the little things. Whether you’re lining a shelf with framed family photos or enhancing a room with striped curtains, there’s something particularly striking about black and white accessories. Set the table with elegant black and white china, use black and white bookends to show off your favorite novels, or brighten a room with black candle holders topped with white pillar candles.

Black and White Decorative Vase

The striking contrast of black and white décor adds instant drama and sophistication to any space. Use this classic color combination throughout your home to experience its overall versatility for yourself – and prepare to be wowed by the results.

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