Lagom Style for The Home

Lagom Style for the Home

Home Decor with Lagom Style

Scandinavian style has taken center stage with an emphasis on hygge comfy-coziness in recent years. But its undeniable influence isn’t stopping there. Lagom is a fresh (though somewhat better known concept of late) that’s turning heads for good reason. Pronounced LA-gom (“la” like “saw” and “gom” like “mom”), this Swedish term refers to pared-down decorating that’s simple in its appearance and functional at its core. The word itself means “just the right amount” – not too much, but never too little – and its styling approach centers on keeping everything in perfect harmony. Intrigued by the idea? We’re showing you how to finesse the principles of lagom into your Western home décor.

The Lagom Look Book

The Scandinavians know great design, and their fondness for lagom is case in point. Similar to hygge in its reverence for the creature comforts of home, this method hinges on the beauty of everyday necessities and encourages styling each room with “just the right amount” of functional décor and furnishings. It’s not flashy or showy, but it’s not total minimalism, either. It finds its footing somewhere between the two with a mantra that emphasizes balance. The typical lagom look book is filled with soft restoration greys, bleached walnut, and warm ivories, and many of its core pieces borrow from mid-century modern design themes that hearken back to simpler times.

Lagom Style Living Room Decor

Living Lagom

Lagom is much more than an approach to home décor; it’s a way of life that rebuffs materialism and steers clear of overconsumption. It ultimately searches for the perfect combination of style and practicality: What’s needed within each room, and how can those staples work together to create a harmonious space? It’s clean, tidy, and inviting all at the same time, and it relies on basic color palettes and streamlined furnishings rather than layers and layers of decorative color pops and eye-catching silhouettes. Lagom is all the proof you need that sometimes less is more, and it’s fully equipped with everything you need for comfortable living.

Lighting Lagom

Lighting is a home essential, but it’s also a wonderful way to set the mood in a room or create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Lagom lighting is naturally all about keeping things balanced with not too much and not too little. It’s the linear pendant that brightens your desk workspace, the sleek chandelier that illuminates your living room, or the series of sconces that enhance hallways with ease. It serves a purpose – whether it’s practical task lighting right where you need it or ambient lighting you can dim on command.

White Pendant with Cord for Dining Room

Pro Tip: Stick with the less-is-more concept by switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs rather than traditional incandescent bulbs to save on electricity costs.

Lagom Décor Expressions

The little details of a room all add up to make a big visual impact, and lagom encourages sticking to decorative accents that are simple yet effective. Express your personal sense of style with functional finishing touches like vases, picture frames, canisters, and lighting fixtures that serve a purpose beyond just general aesthetics.

Yellow Sofa Chair with LED Pendant

Pro Tip: Limiting your decorative pieces to only what’s needed helps you fill your space with things you’ll actually use while also preventing clutter. The end result is a more peaceful space that’s true to you and your lifestyle.

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Carved Camden Canisters Set
White Ceramic Table Top Mounted Deer Head
Antique Brass Wire Horse Photo Frames

Accents with Lagom

Contrary to popular belief, decorating with lagom style doesn’t mean limiting yourself to stark shades of white. (Though, we will admit, shades of white are wonderfully illustrative of the point.) Neutral hues are commonplace with this design theme, but splashes of color are a welcome addition and not a faux pas. The trick is to incorporate these bright accents without going overboard. Remember, it’s all about balance.

From a basic ceiling fan to a wall clock or an accent chair, look at these pieces as opportunities to show off your style in the most functional ways possible. Feeling a little color-shy? Complement your favorite earth tones with unexpected textures, natural wood, and polished metals. In the mood for an artsy touch? Lean on shades of blue and green to bring the beauty of the great outdoors inside for a change.

White Throw with Photo Frame on White Table

Dining Lagom

Updating your dining room with the teachings of lagom can completely change its overall atmosphere. Impress your dinner guests with a calm dining area that’s easy on the eyes and conducive to intimate gatherings. Keep the table bare with the exception of a modest centerpiece, and opt for matching dining room chairs that are comfortably spaced around your table. Focus on ways to make this important space more practical for everyday use. Would overhead fixtures or natural light help brighten the table? Would potted plants add a much-needed splash of greenery to a bare corner, or would a bar cart better serve your entertaining needs?

Lagom Style Dining Room Decor

Pro Tip: Upcycle an old dining room set by reupholstering the chairs or refinishing the wood for stylish recycling at its finest.

Lagom from Dusk to Dawn

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so decorate it accordingly. Keep the area tidy and uncluttered with the help of storage units like dressers, armoires, and bedside tables. These handy drawers and shelves organize all your essentials and allow for pretty displays of artwork, flowers, and pictures in frames (as well as that dreaded alarm clock). A large mirror can make a cramped space look wide and open, while the availability of blankets and throws can help keep you warm without forcing you to crank up the heat.

Cozy & Comfortable Bedroom Decor

Pro Tip: Keep things nice and cozy with plush faux-fur rugs, airy décor, and just enough pillows to keep you comfortable without overtaking the bed.

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Long Live Lagom

There’s something undeniably chic and sophisticated about lagom design. From understated furnishings to perfect decorative accents that pull a room together, the ideologies of lagom are distinct, functional, and inspiring. Not only is this style balanced and visually pleasing, but the subsequent energy it gives off is calming and serene. As its name implies, lagom gives you “just the right amount” of everything your home could ever need – and it’s one of our favorite design trends for 2018. Falling in love with the simplistic beauty of Scandinavian style? Check out “10 Things To Know About Scandinavian Design” for more inspiration.

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