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“Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Turn a dull room into the brightest of them all!” Of course, you can. Bring instant glamour to your room with a gold framed mirror that has a timeless appeal and add a burst of sunshine into your home. Gold is synonymous to wealth and abundance and our large gold mirrors are a popular choice among many home decorators mainly because of the opulence and grandiose they add to a decor. We carry an extensive range of gold bathroom mirrors as well as gold wall mirrors to bring the right amount of extravagance into your space. Find gold mirrors in various shapes and sizes to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Antique Gold Mirrors & Beyond

Gold framed mirrors bring in beauty and functionality into your room. Now that you have decided to choose a gold framed mirror in your room, you may have to give a careful thought to the kind of frame finish that will work best for you and your space. We have a huge collection of gold mirrors in the choicest of frames available in glass, metal, wood and more. However, whatever material you choose, the gold mirror will still feature the rich gold finish that you fell in love with the first place.

Expertly crafted with great attention to detail, our gold leaf mirror offers stunning details that are meant to stand out. With ornate detailing, our antique gold mirrors come in exquisite designs that are very effective in living rooms. Not only do they bring in a sense of lavishness, they will also work to make a small room appear much larger. Placing identical aged gold mirrors symmetrically above your bedside table will reflect light from your bedside lamp to bring in a relaxed atmosphere to your bedroom. Likewise, a rose gold mirror along with candlesticks in rose gold and matching wall hangings will tie your space together for a cohesive look.

Popular Gold Mirror Styles

Large gold mirrors can be used in decors for design purposes; it will significantly brighten a room and makes your space inviting and comfortable. It may seem easy, but choosing the right mirror to suit your design style may turn out to be a tricky process. How will you assess which mirror is best suited for you? For a traditional styled home, gold rectangle mirror with ornate frame and distressed patches add a vintage vibe to your space. With dark edges they bring character to your room and will look lovely over the fireplace or maybe the piano. For a textured and eclectic look, our modern gold mirror will find a place next to your media cabinet or perhaps in your office over your desk.

Transitional homes will adore gold rectangle mirrors with metal leaf frames as patterns and designs. Your guests will love the effect when you pair this mirror up with an antique piece to bring about a timeless design. A more contemporary space will love the flamboyance of our big gold mirror that will add an upscale feel to your home. Regardless of the mirror you pick up, a gold mirror will act as an attractive reflective surface in your home that will bring in light and open up your room.

Picking a Large Gold Mirror

A large gold framed mirror for your bedroom, foyer, living room or bathroom adds newer dimensions to any space. Large gold framed mirrors that are ornate and have highly decorative frames act as work of art themselves. Allowing larger wall space to these mirrors enables them to radiate light beautifully. Consider placing two large gold mirrors on opposite walls of a small dining area to bring in an illusion of a large space. A big gold mirror placed near an open window with ample sunlight can do wonders to your space. While we say this, we also add that three vertically hung large gold framed mirrors when put together as a set scatter light beautifully to create a stunning array on your wall. A big gold mirror in a bedroom as well as in a walk-in closet is both functional as well as dramatic. Leaning a big gold mirror against a wall calls for a chic appeal. Just ensure that the mirror is secured to the floor or the wall to avoid accidents. Ranging from art deco to contemporary and traditional styles, our gold wall mirrors bring in a total new dimension to your space. Always keep in mind the size and shape of your room before picking up a gold wall mirror that can easily fill your space with glam, antique or modern look.

Gold Wall Mirrors that Inspire

When you are looking to add an elegant and bold touch to your decor, you may want to look at our gold framed wall mirrors that work well in living room, bedroom, foyer and bathrooms too. Ornate and textured frames create a dramatic effect in the foyer or in an entryway. Sunburst mirrors are extremely popular mainly due to their versatility of enhancing any design style. Their dramatic shape brings a pop and serves as an exclamation point in your decor. A group of sunburst mirrors over the fireplace brings the right kind of appeal to your room. A large hand wrought sunburst gold wall mirror with elegant crafted finish works well for a traditional as well as mid century modern decor.

Antique gold wall mirror lends a beautiful regal and classy finish to your room. While they brighten up the space they are placed in, they also make the room feel spacious. Give any room an eye-catching detail with large gold wall mirrors that help you fashion a look that you desire. Bring a tilted wall perspective to your room with a set of wire vessel gold frame with mirrored center. Our gold framed wall mirrors come in visually interesting designs and chic patterns that serve as perfect additions to any space.

Choosing the right mirror to fit your design style can be a process that is tricky and at the same time vital. While it brightens a dark space, a mirror in a room can also widen a small space to make it look fuller and bigger. We offer a wide selection of gold mirrors in various design styles and shapes to suit your taste. Find one that compliments your room’s aesthetics to add a touch of elegance to your decor. A gold mirror easily coordinates beautifully with other decor elements in your room to create an effect that is warm, inviting and happy.

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