5 Unique Chandelier Designs That Define Any Space

5 Unique Chandelier Designs That Define Any Space

5 Unique Chandelier Designs to Define Any Space

The decor you choose for your home naturally expresses who you are. Chandeliers make one of the grandest statements of all! Traditional fixtures with glistening crystals and elaborate details are classic choices that transcend time, but there are several unconventional alternatives that you may have overlooked. In fact, today’s vast assortment of design options is filled with pieces that can instantly define any room to suit your lighting and styling needs. Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your foyer or something special for your bedroom or dining room, the right design is more than just a focal point; it’s a direct reflection of your personal style. From the distinct charm of mid-century modern fixtures to tiny but mighty mini chandeliers, we’re taking a look at five unique chandeliers with the power to transform any space and help you see your home in a brand-new light. (If you reach the end of this post and haven’t found your muse, be sure to also read “8 Chandelier Trends for 2018” for more inspiration.)

5 Unique Chandeliers

1. Sputnik (Starburst) Chandeliers

The Space Race was a defining time in American history, so much so that its impact extended to interior lighting and ushered in an entire design period known as the Atomic Age. Inspired by the first-ever satellite launched into space, Sputnik chandeliers mimic the original Soviet satellite’s form with their spherical silhouettes and antennae-inspired arms. (Fun fact: Sputnik was actually around the same size as a beach ball, and it was constructed with four long antennae jutting out from its core.) The result is an iconic design that’s hip, retro, and smart all at once. Add it to mid-century modern dining rooms, classic living rooms, and urban-industrial lofts alike. The Sputnik makes a statement all its own, so it’s a smart choice for minimalist décor, as well.

Pro Tip: Prefer a more contemporary look? Go for modern-day bubble chandeliers that feature cloud-like clusters of glass shades.

2. Globe Chandeliers

Globe chandeliers are surprisingly versatile options that work with a wide variety of decorative themes. These dazzling orbs feature lights encased in openwork cages, and they’re so diverse that your choices are practically endless. Try a globe pendant crafted with weathered oak wood and antique forged iron for rustic flair, or lighten things up with textured, white-washed wood instead. From sleek black metalwork to elegant globes with burnished gold finishes and crystal accents, these spherical chandeliers are big on contemporary appeal. They’re eye-catching without overtaking the room, and their creative combinations of elements let you pick and choose which details you like best.

Pro Tip: Try a small, modest-sized orb for a tight space, or go big with a large globe that commands attention. Either way, you can use these ceiling lights in modern, rustic, industrial, and contemporary spaces to help your style come full-circle. Check out “Cage Lighting for Every Room” for easy ways to incorporate these designs throughout your home.

3. Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

As its name suggests, mid-century modern design emerged in the 1950s and has resurfaced as a dominant lighting trend in the 21st century (its popularity is just one of the many reasons to love Mad Men.) The style is simple yet futuristic, and it incorporates a mix of clean lines, rounded angles, contrasting materials, and geometric silhouettes. Contemporary fixtures use these same design principles alongside the latest technology like LED bulbs, and these linear chandeliers work well in practically any design scheme. Look for clever combinations of circular glass shades on outstretched arms, or branch out with squares and triangles. The beauty of these chandeliers is that they juxtapose rounded angles with straight lines, so they’re especially eye-catching without being too flashy.

Pro Tip: Continue the theme throughout your home. Check out “Mad About Mad Men’s Midcentury Modern Design: How to Bring the Look to Your Own Home” for retro styling inspiration.

4. Mini Chandeliers

Think chandeliers are only for big spaces? Think again. They say that the best things come in small packages, and mini chandeliers are case in point. Also called chandelettes, mini chandeliers are ideal solutions for smaller corners of your home. These fixtures transcend design themes and can be installed in the most unexpected places to provide light exactly where you need it. Place these petite showstoppers over night stands, matching end tables, or kitchen islands. They also work well in tight areas where space is limited, like college dorm rooms, walk-in closets, reading nooks, patios, or shared bedrooms with double beds. These designs are a smart way to add a little color or texture to a space without overtaking it completely, and their small size maximizes your placement options.

Pro Tip: Hang a cluster of matching or mismatched mini chandeliers in an entryway or over a dining room table for a creative statement.

5. LED Chandeliers

LED lights have taken traditional chandeliers into the here and now with an increased emphasis on functionality. Whether you love the glitz and glamour of ornate fixtures or prefer the simplicity of streamlined designs, LED bulbs use the latest technology to give your home energy-efficient illumination. While vintage chandeliers relied on glass shades and beadwork to diffuse their emitted light, LEDs can achieve the same effect without all the fuss. These bulbs are found in all kinds of contemporary chandeliers, from dramatic multi-bulb pendants to the most delicate fixtures. Even better, dimmable LEDs allow you to customize a room’s lighting to help you save on energy or set the mood for entertaining.

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Choosing a unique chandelier is a brilliant way to let your personal sense of style shine through, and today’s designs give you a multitude of styling options. Hang an artsy fixture in your foyer for an eye-catching first impression, place a Sputnik over your dining room table for lively dinner party conversations, or use a mini chandelier to add character and charm right where you need it. Not only do these essential designs illuminate your home, but they also allow you to customize your overall décor and take your style to the next level. Check out our “Chandelier Buying Guide” for more insight into choosing the right fixture for you, and browse our complete collection of chandeliers for innovative styles that go above and beyond.

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